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Little Computer People, Activision's
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Alternate Title:The Activision Little Computer People Discovery Kit
Console: Commodore 64
Region: GB United Kingdom
Year: 1985
RFG ID #: E-018-S-00240-A
Part #: UDK-126
UPC: 047875441262
Developer: Rich Gold
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Simulator
Sub-genre: Life
Players: 1
Controller: Keyboard
Media Format: Cassette
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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Commodore 64 FR, DE, IT, GB S Little Computer People [Rerelease] Ricochet (Mastertronic) 1989 Simulator
Commodore 64 U S Little Computer People Discovery Kit, The Activision Activision 1986 Simulator
Commodore 64 U S Modern Computer People, Activision's Activision 1985 Simulator
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Keyboard Controls
  • F1 Shower
  • F3 Go to Bed
  • F5 Light a Fire
  • F7 Type a Letter
  • Commodore Key Go to the Toilet
  • RUN/STOP Excercise
  • < - Blow Nose
  • CTRL Brush Teeth
  • Up Arrow Clap Hands
  • CRSR L/R Go Out
  • CRSR U/D Cook Food
  • CTRL & F Deliver Food
  • CTRL & W Add Water to Cooler
  • CTRL & D Deliver Dog Food
  • CTRL & A Ring Alarm Clock
  • CTRL & C Make Phone Ring
  • CTRL & P Stroke LCP
  • CTRL & R Deliver Records
  • CTRL & B Deliver Book
Game Credits:

  • Designed and Produced by Rich Gold, David Crane, Sam Nelson
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