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Modern Computer People, Activision's
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Alternate Title:Little Computer People Research Project
Console: Commodore 64
Year: 1985
RFG ID #: U-018-S-08430-A
Part #: DD-126-04
UPC: 047875421264
Developer: Rich Gold
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Simulator
Sub-genre: Life
Players: 1
Controller: Keyboard
Media Format: 5.25" Floppy Disk
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Back of Box

Wouldn't you love to be part of the most important discovery in the history of the computer?

Amazing Software Allows You To Actually Lure Human-Like Beings Out of Your Computer!

Admit it. Haven't you ever wondered - even just for a second - what really goes on inside your computer? If so, then an important recently-announced research discovery will be of special interest to you!

Startling Discovery
After years of speculation and months of intensive work, the Activision Little Computer People Research Group (ALCPRG) has successfully discovered and actually drawn out dozens of small, living creatures who have been trapped in the confines of standard, store-bought computers- just like yours.

How Were They Discovered?
The answer is fascinating. The discovery itself took dozens of researchers, hundreds of thousands of dollars, the most technically advanced equipment and years of scientific speculation and hard work.
The precise process is based on an incredible, state-of-the-art piece of software. It's a unique, fully-equipped 2 story "house-on-a-disk." When loaded into a computer, it will not only draw out one of the Little Computer People but will actually become the Person's permanent residence.

And Now, An Inexpensive Commercial Version of the Actual Laboratory Design is Available For Your Use.
Yes, you yourself can own your very own 2 1/2 story house-on-a-disk. And that means you can soon meet a Little Computer Person residing inside your computer. Just look at some of the things you and your new-found friend can do.

Here's What Your Little Computer Person Does

  • Moves right into his new house. Lives in and utilizes all rooms.
  • Types up a storm. Loves to rattle off messages. And, once you introduce yourself, your Little Computer Person will address you by name!
  • Most are neat and clean - they brush their teeth, take showers and more.
  • Quite a chef. He loves to cook and, of course, sample his own wares
  • Such a gamester, loved nothing better than a good game of cards.
  • All Little Computer People are accomplished pianists.
  • Watch out Travolta - your Little Computer Person dances and does aerobics regularly.

Here's What You Can Do:

  • Be a gift-giver. Leaving presents for your Little Computer People is a great feeling
  • It's called PPR - positive personality reinforcement (better known as "petting"), and it's a super way acknowledge your Little Computer Person's importance to you.
  • Provide the basics- food and water. It's a real responsibility.
  • Learn your LCP's name! We've discovered many LCP's with many different names.
  • Just watch and observe. There's so much we have to learn about these people.

Don't Delay
Doesn't the whole concept of a Little Computer Person seem fascinating? Wouldn't you love to join in on the discovery and lure the LCP out of your computer? If your answer is yes, then be sure and take advantage of this offer.

The Activision Little Computer People Discovery Kit. Look At All You Get!
The fabulous 2 1/2 story house-on-a-disk research software surely would be enough- but we're also including a special guide with pointers on how to best get along with your Little Computer Person: an authorized "Deed" which enables you to register your house-on-a-disk: and your own copy of the special edition of Modern Computer People magazine. It's all in one great kit- get yours today!


Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Commodore 64 FR, DE, IT, GB S Little Computer People [Rerelease] Ricochet (Mastertronic) 1989 Simulator
Commodore 64 U S Little Computer People Discovery Kit, The Activision Activision 1986 Simulator
Commodore 64 United Kingdom S Little Computer People, Activision's Activision 1985 Simulator

Keyboard Controls
  • F1 Shower
  • F3 Go to Bed
  • F5 Light a Fire
  • F7 Type a Letter
  • Commodore Key Go to the Toilet
  • RUN/STOP Excercise
  • < - Blow Nose
  • CTRL Brush Teeth
  • Up Arrow Clap Hands
  • CRSR L/R Go Out
  • CRSR U/D Cook Food
  • CTRL & F Deliver Food
  • CTRL & W Add Water to Cooler
  • CTRL & D Deliver Dog Food
  • CTRL & A Ring Alarm Clock
  • CTRL & C Make Phone Ring
  • CTRL & P Stroke LCP
  • CTRL & R Deliver Records
  • CTRL & B Deliver Book
Game Credits:

  • Designed and Produced by Rich Gold, David Crane, Sam Nelson
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Eddie Herrmann: Perl Script
David Murnan: PHP Script
ApolloBoy: Title Addition
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