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July 04, 2020, 12:21:37 AM
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Author Topic: RF Generation Fantasy Football 2016  (Read 22867 times)
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« Reply #60 on: February 16, 2017, 05:36:01 PM »

My response is one of your fellow Eagle fans.

I sort of agree, I'd rather a close game. I'm glad SEA didn't get blown out. But to me its one of the two worst SB's because, hey, my team lost them both. I would think many Eagles fans would say your not a true Eagles fans for not hating the Patriots.

I'm glad our Superbowl win wasn't close. The point is to prove whos the best team. We proved that by blowing out who was suppose to be the best team in many minds. The Pats....... they proved they were the best team 5 teams. But also that they were clutch. They didn't blow anyone out. I would in some cases have a blowout yes. Barely winning barely proves who the best is. For them to BARELY win all 5 proves that they are great, but also they they are damn lucky. I actually watched a documentary about the Eagles bowl the otherday and your not wrong. It was 24-14 at one point. But 3 points in the end still.... Its still barely winning. I really would rather have one blowout in their resume. Like there isn't any doubt the Buccaneers were better when they blew out the Raiders. They were clearly the best team. SB 47 was a blowout until the lights went out and the 49ers came back. Many people think that was a conspiracy, that the league wanted the 49ers to win and shutting off the lights stopped the Ravens momentum. If the 49ers would have won then a lot of shit would have hit the fan about rigging, more than it did when the Ravens won. So I don't really think in some cases its "cheating". People literally think its rigged, and I've never really believed that. The Saints got caught targeting, I don't see that as cheating. Isn't it the point of the defense to try and knock the other players out? It sort of is. The Falcons had to give up a pick. Didn't really hurt them did it.

I don't really believe in the coin rigging idea. Someone said the OT one was double sided. lol Just a joke, but who know if they were being serious.

I guess the bottom line is that when your as hated as the Patriots it means your winning a lot. One of the things I hate about them is their bandwagon fans. I hate seeing a dude in a Pats hat at the store here in Washington and its clear he didn't grow up in New England. Its clear it just roots for them because they always win. That isn't the teams fault. But thats actually one of the reasons people hate them, they hate their fans. Of course even the Seahawks fans have been ridiculed that they only became popular after they won too so. Actually living here I know its not true, the Seahawks have been big here my whole life. It was a big deal when they made it to SB40. People will show more enthusiasm when they win, but thats the same for any other team. And you will gain more fans outside of the target market the more you win. I just can't stand the people who don't root for the home team when thats where they are from. I am a very patriotic guy (ironic I know since I hate the Patriots). I totally expect someone from NE to be a Pats fan. But I hate people who are from Washington state and are Pats fans. I know its dumb. But its just how I feel. Like I know there are a lot of 49ers fans in my city, but they moved here from the Bay Area. My neighbors favorite team is the Cowboys, but guess what, they grew up in Dallas. I can excuse that. I see Steelers fans all the time. Another team that earned fans outside their market because they won a shit ton. And very few if any of the people I have seen are from Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania. Just one of the teams that became one of the great dynasties of all time in the 70s. But even those fans have been around a while. They might have passed it down to their kids too. But the Pats are a thing of the last 20 years. They are not as historical as the Steelers and Packers and Cowboys. This isn't a "oh my family has liked them for 40 years" in most cases. It's "oh they were just better than the home team and I always see them winning so I will have them be my favorite team". In 50 years I guess I could say that by then the Pats will be historical and their fandom will have spanned generations. But right now its a lot of "I'll just cheer for them because they are good even though I've never even been to Boston".
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