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March 23, 2017, 01:14:22 PM
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Author Topic: What are you watching right now?  (Read 277328 times)
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« Reply #3960 on: February 26, 2017, 07:24:17 PM »

Paddington - (2014) - A-
--> Charming, sweet and innocent.

Quartet - (2012) - B
--> Quite a novel subject, and worthy to make elderly the centre of a movie. What annoyed me slightly is that the main actors were cast for, well, being good actors. I was annoyed we never saw them sing.

Leviathan - (2014) - A+
--> If you haven't seen a Russian movie before, start here.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - (2009) - A
--> Repeat watching. This is the kind of movie I could watch once a year. I love the style, the camera angles, the witty dialogue. Also refreshing is the short length. I love how it doesn't wait around to get to the good stuff.

On the Waterfront - (1954) - C+
--> This is supposedly some masterpiece, probably because it was innovative for the time. But to me, it has aged too much, the plot is quite cliché and predictable, and overall I feel like there are better movies from this era.

Nebraska - (2013) - B+
--> Great movie. An honest depiction of rural America, without the veneer.

Love in the Time of Cholera - (2007) - D
--> Snoozefest, chick flick. Way too long for a movie where nothing happens.

Bambi - (1942) - B
--> This movie is 75 years old, and yes, it shows. However there are some enjoyable scenes and the animation is great. Funny how hunters were upset at the time of release, haha.

The Dinner - (2013) - B+
--> Great drama movie about people having dinner.

Moneyball - (2011) - B+
--> This is what all sports films should be: barely an sports, but all of the drama.

The Deep Blue Sea - (2011) - D-
--> Despite being about 40 minutes shorter than Love in time... this is just as painful to watch. Minutes-long scenes in which absolutely nothing happens. I guess this is a good depiction of depression, but in reality it's just artsy pretentious bs, and so so boring to watch.

Foxcatcher - (2014) - B+
--> Gripping performance by Steve Carelll and solid performance by Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo.

Courage Under Fire - (1996) - B+
--> Starts out as a war movie but really is more of a courtroom drama type suspense film. Great fun.

The Amazing Spider-Man - (2012) - B+
--> Another superhero movie, yawn. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. I think Andrew Garfield makes for a great Spider-Man.

Gloria - (2013) - A-
--> Starts a little slow, but really good movie. At the end you feel happy about what you saw.

Pacific Rim - (2013) - C
--> The movie starts out well enough, although the reasoning for having 2 pilots in a mech (ok, "Jaeger") is just a lazy excuse to allow for more emotion and dialogue. For me, the movie starts to fall apart after about 40 minutes, after we well and truly get into the "gifted girl with a troubled past" plot that has been done to death already.
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« Reply #3961 on: March 08, 2017, 07:44:20 AM »

Brooklyn 99


Person of Interest

The Big Bang Theory


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« Reply #3962 on: March 20, 2017, 05:35:56 PM »

Plowed through The Iron Fist over the weekend.  While I think I mostly agree with the general feelings about the show, I have to disagree with the critique about the choreography.  While I did find it annoying that certain parts of fights where obviously done with stunt doubles (likely due to the inclusion of non-practical techniques), much of it was very good, with the sword-work of Jessica Henwick being the absolute best part, followed by the battle with Zhou Cheng as a close second.

Now back to The Man in the High Castle...

"In France, I'm an auteur; in Germany, a filmmaker; in Britain; a genre film director; and, in the USA, a bum."

- John Carpenter
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