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Posted on Feb 9th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under fundraiser, donations, fund drive, 2018, site, RF Generation

As you may of you know, our site is currently conducting its annual fund drive to help with the server costs for 2018. So far, we have had a good turnout and I am happy to report that with our donors' generous pledges, we are just over 18% of our goal! We will be taking donations for the fund drive through the month of February (you can donate here: http://www.rfgeneration.c...m/index.php?action=paypal), so be sure to donate during this time to get in on the raffle of great prizes donated by our staff. You can now find a listing of all of the raffle prize lots HERE.  However, the staff at RF Generation would first like to take a moment to thank those who have donated so far:

Voodoo Monkey
Razor Knuckles

Thank you all! Please remember to PM me the email address you donated with, so that we can properly thank you during our weekly updates and provide you with the proper number of raffle tickets.  If you donated recently and do not see your name, you may have donated after we pulled numbers. If you don't see it, just send me a PM and I will check on your donation status.   
Grand total raised so far: $280.00

Posted on Feb 6th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under Playcast, Oxenfree, playthrough, January, 2018, PC, PS4, Limited Run

It's a new year and with that comes New Year's resolutions.  In January, the Playcast Crew resolved to play Night School Studio's indie darling, Oxenfree.  In this month's Playcast join hosts, Rich (singlebanana) and Shawn (GrayGhost81) as they discuss the game's story, its mechanics, the music and sound, and get super philosophically deep into the game's overarching question: "If you could go back and change a decision in your life, would you?".  In this episode, the guys also discuss their gaming related New Year's resolutions, their thoughts on Nintendo's latest creation, Nintendo Labo, and their current literary consuming endeavors.  How does Oxenfree compare to other freedom of choice titles like those developed by Telltale Games?  What's in the game's title?  And what "weird" hang-up does Rich have when it comes to playing remakes? The answer to these questions and many more in this month's episode of the RF Generation Playcast. You won't want to miss it! 

Some of you may have noticed that this episode has arrived a bit earlier than usual.  The reason is because our good friend and site member, Kevin (Buried_on_Mars), who some of you may know from the show or follow his podcast Retro Fandango, is doing a 48 hour Twitch charity fundraiser this weekend.  Shawn and I discuss the fundraiser on the show and we wanted to make sure to get the word out to our listeners in time, since the broadcast is this weekend.  Please be sure to listen to this portion of the show and to learn more about Kevin's goal, please check out the following link: https://buriedonmars.word...ream-on-february-10-11th/

As always, we are happy to hear your thoughts on this game on our discussion page (linked below). We will respond to your comments and are always happy to discuss the game more. We hope you enjoy our show.  Please be sure to rate and write a review of the show on iTunes to help us increase our listenership. Thanks for the listen!

Episode 46 discussion thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...m/index.php?topic=18543.0

Get the show on Podbean:  http://www.rfgplaycast.com/
On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/...ion-playcast/id1038953364
On Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/p...ation-playcast?refid=stpr
And follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rfgenplaythroughs
And on Twitter: @thesinglebanana, @MrShawnGray & @RFGPlayCast

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Posted on Jan 1st 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under new year, thanks, fundraiser, 2018

Dear Loyal Site Members,

The staff and administrators of RF Generation, would like to wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!  Thank you so much for making 2017 such a great year for site contributions and we hope that you will continue to enjoy this service to the world-wide gaming community for years to come. Happy 2018 to all!

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