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Posted on Feb 2nd 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under NES Challenge, NES, Nintendo, Community, Mario, Zelda, Contra, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Capcom, Konami, Taito, Challenge

This could be YOU if you join our happy rfgen NES Family

The RF Generation community of collectors and players has committed themselves to demolishing the entire licensed NES library in the year 2019. Is that even possible you say, with your help it totally is!! Check out the RFGen 2019 NES Challenge thread to see how to join in at anytime throughout the year. There is plenty of opportunity to participate regardless of your skill level, favorite style of game or the amount of time you have to invest. Come over and play with us here:


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Posted on Jan 1st 2019 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Community Playthroughs, NES, Nintendo, Community, Mario, Zelda, Contra, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Capcom, Konami, Taito, Challenge

With 2019 upon us, I propose a challenge to all my RFGeneration friends. Let's join forces to tackle the Nintendo Entertainment System licensed library in one year starting TODAY!! I think if all of us pool our combined knowledge, resources, collections, gaming skills, and support each other throughout the year, we can accomplish this lofty goal.


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Posted on Jul 29th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
Posted under Twitch, Streaming, Community

It is official! The RFGeneration crew has started a Twitch channel and will be broadcasting all of your favorite games (...and some of Bil's Destiny 2)!  You can find it at http://Twitch.tv/RFGeneration.

Wait, what's that? Did I just hear you ask "How can I be as cool as you, Neo?" Well, you can't...but you can come close...by becoming a member of our Twitch Streaming family! The RFGeneration crew is looking for talented, energetic...or at least sentient streamers, as well as anyone who is willing to come hang out and watch us fail miserably at games! To find us and learn how you can get involved, please continue reading below.

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Posted on Jul 1st 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Game Store, Game Quest, Collecting, Community, Local, Business

My very first customers lining up on opening day!

At some point during this week, my stint as a game store owner will be coming to an end. It's been right around 5 years since I opened a local store called Game Quest and I'm pretty excited to move on from it at this point in my life.

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Posted on Jun 29th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Game Quest, Game Store, Convention, Retail, Events, Celebrities Guests, Community

Last time, I discussed things like setting up the temporary venue, running events, and planning. This time, I'll just discuss how I had fun enjoying the convention!

To make sure I got a chance to enjoy the convention a bit this year, I made sure to load up on support at the event. We had five Game Quest staff there over the entire weekend and typically 5-6 volunteers. We made sure to have our area fully supported so that if any of the people involved wanted to take in a panel, grab a signature, or just shop the vendors, we would be able to accommodate them.

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Posted on Jun 15th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Game Quest, Game Store, Convention, Retail, Events, Celebrities Guests, Community

If you've been following my game store blogs since around this time last year, you may remember me writing about a local fan convention that we held in my city, the first we'd ever done. This year I got to play a bigger role in our second annual Northern Fan Convention. I thought I'd break my discussion of the event into two parts, since I got to participate as both a vendor/organizer and as a patron. For this entry, I'm going to talk about the business side of the event and then follow up with a discussion of the con as an attendee in my next blog.

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Posted on May 6th 2014 at 10:16:59 PM by (bickman2k)
Posted under Thank you, Community, Fireside chat

Just over 5 years ago, I wrote a small blog post thanking the community. It may not have been seen by many that are here currently, but I was just thinking about it tonight. Here's the contents of that blog post.

"Over the years, gaming has gone from a sort of niche hobby to a full-blown, mainstream activity. I seen gaming go from an activity that only a few of my friends growing up did to dorm room gaming to my 1080p, 5.1 audio setup at home. The first community I was a fairly active member of was the GameFAQs forum. Did the collection on IGN, tried out Digital Press forums before finding my way here. I lurked for a while, primarily using only the Collection tools. I finally started posting more and more, and the people here are extremely nice and really my kind of people. Then came the chat.

I jumped in, and as the new guy, I sort of found it difficult to jump in. After 2-3 times (that I could tell), I felt like I was starting to feel as a part of the group. I am now on a first name basis with pretty much everyone in chat. This type of small community is what I need. I grew up in a small town, and that's the sort of vibe I get here. These people are RFGeneration, down to the roots.

I'm very thankful for this place. It's kind of hard for someone like me to put myself out there and jump into conversation, but when I did, I wish I would have sooner. I plan on sticking around for a long time and I really hope that the community grows while keeping the roots of the small site. I consider all of you my friends and hope to meet many more of you along the way.

Thank you."

I re-read that when I was thinking of it and I still feel it is relevant, even 5 years later.

It's been quite a ride since then. Personally, I have gone through ups and downs. Trouble at work. A minor bout with depression. A new job. And now my family is going to be getting bigger in a few months. I'm now selling and trading more of my collection off rather than hoarding every single thing. The site has gone through some issues and come through very strong after each of them.

This site has been a huge part of me. Despite the fact that I haven't been posting as much as of late, I still stop in to threads as I can. I've gained more and more friends. I started and gradually wound down a podcast only for another team to jump in and step in with their take in a huge way! We have an app!

I went from a user and the occasional (non-staff) contributor on the blogs and database to a director.

We had 3 years of forum posts that were gone... Thought the whole thing was going to be lost. But it's always come back. We had months of nagging server issues from speed to just plain failures. But we're back on a blazing server.

I know, it's not the standard "Thanks" blog post, but I really felt that I needed to let every single member know that as long as I'm here, I'll try everything I can to ensure that this site stays up and running. It's not for me (well, not all for me). It's for everyone that uses this site. It's for the community of RF Generation and for video games in general.

But I can't nor don't do it by myself. There is an excellent group of people on staff that take what they do seriously. There are plenty of users who submit data on new games and old, pictures and screenshots, to try to document everything that we can on a game or hardware.

So, this is to everyone. Thank you all for continuing to make RF Generation the best site on the web.

Posted on Apr 4th 2013 at 11:29:03 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under RFGen Thanks, April Fools, Collectorcast, Donate, Community

Apparently none of you guys took advantage of spring break this year and decided to instead stick around rfgen submitting to the database. We had quite an impressive month in March with 9 different members making 100+ submissions for the month. Itís especially nice to see some members from the PAL region working hard on filling in those gaps. So letís give a special thanks to the top 5 submitters of this month: Bildstar, Fragems, The Razemeister, Apolloboy and Sirgin!!

And donít forget about the amazing approval staff we have. Shadow Kisuragi and Paully3433 were prolific this month and took on the brunt of those submissions approving well over 600 of them each.

Just as importantly though, we want to thank all of you for having a good sense of humor. It seems that many of you guys forgot, or were just unaware, of how important April Fools is to us here at rfgeneration. This yearís April Fools Blog suckered in quite a few of our members  Luckily the staff here are as honest as they are humorous and disabled the donate button for the day so that nobody was duped into donating under false pretences. 

Itís great to know that so many of the members here are willing to pony up for our services, but rest assured that wonít be the case. Rfgeneration has always been a community driven site. It was founded with the idea that site can be, and so far always has been, supported by its members. Every year you guys have stepped up and donated enough to keep the site both free and ad free. So even though you donít have to worry about being forced to pay to access our database we are always accepting donations to cover our server and other costs. That donation button at the top of the page should be functioning properly again now Wink

With all that said there was a kernel of truth in the April Fool Blog. The Collectorcast has been successful and because of the size of the episodes we are quickly running out of space on our podomatic account. The cost to upgrade to the next storage level is quite sizable. To help out Duke, Bil and myself with this financial strain the benevolent staff here have offered to host some of our older episodes through the site so that we can lower our storage on podomatic. A landing page for the collectorcast is also in the works.

So in summary, thanks to everyone for supporting the site with your time, generosity, knowledge and support (except for Zagnorch of course Wink )!!

Posted on Oct 20th 2012 at 06:00:14 PM by (bickman2k)
Posted under Thanks, Community, Support

This is just a little different than the typical "RFG Thanks for (insert month/year)".

I was going through some of my old blog entries and I found one I wrote as an open letter to the community. It was written 3 years after joining, but a mere 2 months after I really began to get involved with the community.

As I sit here now, my son is playing Pokepark on the Wii as I look at my TI-99/4A that I need to test so I can sell it. There have been a lot of changes for me personally as well as for the site in the time since that blog post. I have gone from grabbing everything in sight to being selective and selling off stuff that I have just to have it. I'm now a director on the site. We had a pretty big disaster on the site that easily could have been the end of the site potentially. I recovered what I could with what I had, losing a couple of years worth of forum posts and maybe 6 weeks of database submissions.

The forum was slow to come back, but here we are. We have a bunch of new members and old members who have returned. We have new bloggers and a new podcast. We are nearing in on 70,000 software entries and 5,000 hardware entries! We have a new server with more power and drive space for us to grow with! And we have continued to do so with just the support of the community and their donations. We have no plans to be sold or put up ads.

We're doing this on our own. I see and hear things happening elsewhere that I never want anything to happen here. We want you to communicate to us and let us know about any issues you have or any ideas to make things better. Together, we'll continue to get better as well as grow.

What this all boils down to is... thanks. Without the passion of the community, we wouldn't be here. Thanks to the bloggers for writing about your perspective. Thanks to all of the staff for your work on keeping that submission queue low. Thanks to everyone who was here before me who started the site right. Lastly, thanks to every member for making this a great place to be, day after day.

And as always, keep it on channel 3!

Posted on Feb 6th 2008 at 05:01:01 AM by ([Tan:realName])
Posted under Site News, Database, Community, Project

As I'm sure everyone is aware, RF Generation has growth immensely in the past couple of years. As our userbase grows so does the need for improvement of the database and collection tools. Whether for shopping, research, curiosity etc. a detailed and filled out database is the key to continued success.

The community of members we have is the heart of RFGen, the database itself is the soul, and together makes up the charm and feature rich functionality that brings new members every month and makes this community a warm welcoming place, a second home for many.

In keeping with the community spirit, we've decided that joint member/staff projects to improve our database would be an excellent opportunity for members who feel they can do more to contribute, while having the staff and admins mingle alongside, so everyone can have an equal chance to be a bigger part of a long lasting series of projects that will ensure RFGen remains the best game database/collection tracking tool on the 'net.

In the coming months, we'll be starting projects one at a time to standardize and fill out game pages on a per system basis. That boils down to adding info, submitting scans and adding reviews overviews etc. Even adding something as small as a part number or Media type goes a long way to making a game page more complete.

Some of you will wonder if you can help out on a system you don't own? Well of course you can! No one here is an expert, and we all try our best to step up and grow beyond our own collections and tackle alien systems and foreign regions. Whether it be a member, a staffer or an admin, we all have something to contribute.

These projects of course will be on a volunteer basis. We will designate a staff member to lead them, and they along with the rest of the staff and admins, will be on hand to answer questions and help everyone, as well as review these submissions as they come in. We only ask that members and staff keep an open mind on the system being worked on, and to not feel pressured to over-commit themselves or take on more than they can handle.

To follow up on this announcement and for you to offer feedback, please feel free to discuss this in our new ongoing Community Project thread located here:


Posted on Dec 31st 2007 at 10:23:11 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, 100000 Posts, Forum, Community, I am Humbled

December 31, 2007, 4:57:30 PM, Eastern. That is the date and time that will go down as the date we hit 100000 posts in our forum - our community. From 0 posts on June 8, 2004 to 100000 posts today, certainly, today is a day of celebration. Check out the stats bar as captured for this momentous occasion:

Certainly, I am humbled by the mark, and by the success of our forum. I am humbled by the community that we have. Without our community, there is no way that we could have hit this mark. We are nothing without you guys. Thank you all for fostering our community, and we hope that our community remains vibrant for years to come.

I'd like to specifically congratulate the person who made the 100000th post, Bad Enough Dude. I can confidently say that Bad Enough Dude is the oldest member (with respect to join date) on the site that is not or has not been on staff and still actively posts. That's really cool. He even joined before me, at 4AM on the date that the site launched. How cool is that? Check out the post that made 100000:

Congrats, and congrats to everyone! May the forum continue to be a success and a place for interesting musings and thoughts!

Posted on Dec 19th 2007 at 03:25:29 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Community, Blogs

The staff and programmers at RF Generation are pleased to announce the official release of the Community Blogs system, which was supposed to be two months ago. Up until this time two months ago, the system has been in beta, looking to find and quash bugs and also to add new features. At this time, we have added plenty of features that anyone interested in blogging should enjoy:

  • Ability to use HTML or BBC
  • Ability to customize one's blog appearance
  • Ability to program the release of an entry
  • A fun and exciting commenting system
  • Ability to preview and look over any entry before posting
  • RSS Feeds
  • Other things that I probably forgot

Certainly, we've put a lot of work into the blogging system to make it manageable for all users and members, and we hope that you all will find some use for the blogging system. As you can see by the above image there are already many people have tried out our blog system. Won't you be the next? It's easy, all you got to do is a) be a registered member of RF Generation and b) click the My Blog link located under the blog section of our navigation. One there, agree to our agreement and then blog away!

It should be noted that while we call it a blog you do not have to use it as a "blog" blog. Perhaps you would like to track and chronicle your collection finds using the system. Perhaps you would like to chronicle your gaming life. Perhaps you would like to tell the world how you're feeling. What you could use the blog for is only limited by your imagination, so use your mind to create an environment that is truly special and entertaining. Who knows, you might even have fun.

It should be noted as well that we are desperately looking for people to write for RF Generation's blog, What About Channel 4? (the blog you see on our front page) If you are interested in being a blogger for us be sure to talk to me about becoming one. Just to make it known now rather than later, we expect any staff blogger to make a minimum of 2 posts a week for the RF Generation blog. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in doing, be sure to let me know.

As always, stay tuned to RF Generation, more is surely to follow when you keep it tuned to channel 3.

Ed Note: Yeah, so I wrote this post two months ago. Let me stress that we are still desperately looking for people to be blog writers. I think I've made it pretty easy, I hope you all agree. Any suggestions should be brought to the PHP Coding Monkey, also known as me. You can make suggestions in our beautiful forum known as The Thinktank. Oh by the way, do check out our forums- blah blah blah- we have a lot more to offer than just the collection tools. But yeah, our collection tools are pretty damn awesome. The Black Perl kicks ass. Damn, am I rambling, but is that purposeful? Eh, I don't know, the coding make brain mush. Hulk Smash. Enjoy the rest of your day. And Stuff.

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