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Posted on Sep 30th 2011 at 02:32:03 PM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
Posted under GameCenter CX, Game Center CX, Retro Game Master

Welcome to another Let's Watch: GameCenter CX article!

Last week, Arino was thrown into a strange situation with Angelique Trois, a dating simulation game published by Koei. Surprisingly, Arino took the game to heart and tried his best to date Seiran, but in the end was turned down and failed the challenge.

This time, we find Arino interviewing Tekki's producer, Atsushi Inaba. For those not familiar with the name, Tekki is known as Steel Batallion outside of Japan. Witness the story behind Tekki and watch as Arino learns the controls.

Win Condition: None. There is no pass/fail this time, only seeing how far he can get.

Previous articles can be found here:

Post any comments or feedback on the episode below for discussion. If anyone has any gameplay video they would like to post of themselves playing Tekki/Steel Batallion in a "Let's Play" style, PM me and we'll get it added to the blog!

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That Game Looks Awesome. The controller was never released here was it?
Indeed it was sir. Quite a few of us here at RFGeneration own the box and controller.
It was released twice, with different button colors.

I've had this game/controller sittiing at home for a couple months now, but havnt gotten around to it yet. I dont know how I'm going to enjoy it on such a puny TV now....
Let me mock you sir by bringing it into work and using it in our Observatory, which is essentially a tech demo theater. *cackle*
@Shadow Kisuragi:

Ill Have to get one
Expect to pay $100+ for a complete set.
@Shadow -

Well let me make you jealous by bringing it to work to play on a 27" CRT and a TV Tray Table!!
I've had my eye on the Steel Battalion set for awhile now, but I keep having to push it back due to space and money constraints. Love me my university education time of life.
I only received my set because someone was selling it from a storage find and wanted it gone. It took some communication since the person selling it on eBay was sick and had some family issues, but I received it later CIB with the box and inserts for $95 shipped.
@Shadow Kisuragi: I don't even have an old Xbox at the moment, hence why its an item of interest but low on my priorities at the moment.
I've played Steel Battalion before, and I have to agree with Arino about the controller. It's a novelty, but a little crazy to play. I'm sure if you stick with it it would be fun. I'm a little surprised that they featured an Xbox product.

I am interested in the Kinect Steel Battalion I've heard rumors about. Wait and see I suppose.
@Shadow Kisuragi:

I just looked them up on amazon and cheapest one I saw with box and all was $250.
Amazon's a rip-off. Most people post things on there with ridiculous prices because they can just let them sit there.

I'm surprised by the sales figures that they put out there - 100,000 units sold!
@Shadow:  I had no idea it sold anywhere near that amount either!

I would love to play this game someday, as I love how complicated everything is.  Tongue
It would take up a lot of room though, so I'll probably never get one.
Yikes, that's one helluva setup.

Methinks he might be on to something when he stated that it was "like a game show."

Not sure such a game-show concept would fly outside of the former Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, though...
@Shadow Kisuragi: Yeah, I wonder if they meant worldwide?
I really want to get a full setup of this. I've seen it a couple of times, but never when I have money for it.
I actually played Steel Battalion for about an hour at a gaming convention/museum. Such a fun game, but the controller is hard to use if you're not very familiar with all the buttons. I'd like to own it, but then again it takes up tons of room and is expensive, so maybe not.

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