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Posted on Oct 4th 2007 at 01:57:14 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under List em, Top 5, Atari, 30 years, 1977

30 years ago this month the first of the Atari VCS systems started rolling off the factory lines in time for the holiday shopping season.  The Atari VCS turned out to be the first "popular" cartridge based game system that families could play in the comfort of their own homes.  With a lifespan of 14 years and a library of nearly a thousand titles, surely there is something for everyone.

Reviving a dead feature, this is List 'em.  I list my favorites and you list yours.  Here's my top Atari 2600 games:
  • Asteroids - An arcade favorite that also hit it it big at home.  The gameplay is simple; fly your spaceship in any direction trying to clear out the Asteroid field.  Fly too fast and you crash, and shooting larger asteroids makes them break into multiple smaller ones.  I think most people will find this one to be fun with an easy difficulty level.

  • Space Invaders - Fortunately in the 1980s there were two "baddies" in gaming, film, and comic books that were impossible to be politically incorrect as the arbiters of leading world faiths hadn't covered them... Aliens and Zombies.  Well, here's another mindless alien blaster that needs little introduction.  Move your ship along the base of the screen shooting vertically, and taking cover as needed behind destructible shields.  The invading ships are arranged in a grid with the higher ones being worth more points for scoring.  Occasionally, a bonus ship will chirp and fly across the top of the screen for big points and maybe extra life.  The sprites are not the same as the arcade, but the spirit is there and it feels much alive.

  • Pitfall! - Play as a jungle explorer, Pitfall Harry, in search of untold fortune.  Obstacles along the way include scorpions, crocodiles, and quicksand, so you better be ready to jump into action or else you'll fall short.  Activision (the first "third-party" developer) really nailed it with this one.  Unfortunately the difficulty level eventually plateaus, and the only world records to be had are timed "perfect play" runs.

  • Adventure - Wander the world from a top-down viewpoint through mazes and castles.  Find keys to unlock newer areas to explore and slay dragons that stand in the way of progress.  This game was truly revolutionary in terms of mechanics and general scope and size.  A similar but far more refined game titled The Legend of Zelda came out on the NES a few years later and blew the world away.  To this date I still enjoy playing both games.

  • Missile Command - Move the cursor to trigger a mid-air explosion.  Use this to destroy all incoming missiles heading towards your bases.  This game gets to be tough after a while, with a fair, but gradually increasing difficulty with each wave. 

Wow, five is too short for listing all the great games for such a classic system.  There's always other goodies like Q*Bert, Pole Position, Breakout, , Yars' Revenge, Frogger, Combat, and multiplayer sports games like Basketball.  Expect simple gameplay and don't forget the RF switch.  Stay tuned on channel 3.

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1. ET
2. ET
3. ET
4. ET
5. Pac Man (for variety's sake)
Missile Command
Cosmic Ark
Demon Attack

For a runner up i'll throw in "The Earth Dies Screaming" because I love the name so much. Wink

2.empire strikes back
5.yars revenge

lots of other good games but with only 5 slots, got to go with what i loved the most.
1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
2. Pitfall
3. Skiing (yes...Skiing)
4. Empire Strikes Back
5. Star Raiders (?) - the Activision "outer space shooter".

Warlords - The original party game. Play that with three other people and if you tell me you didn't have fun you are lying!

Circus - This my be my favorite game. Twitch gaming at its finest!

Lock N Chase & Super Challenge Baseball - because the memories I have playing with my Grandma.

Adventure - The first "RPG" I ever played.

Empire Strikes Back - My god the AT-AT never stop!

Kaboom! - Another example of great twitch gaming.
1. Pitfall II - This game is what brought me back to the collecting/playing retro scene. Though, I wish they have the lost levels on the 2600 game, the game still kicks a**.
2. Keystone Kapers - who wouldn't love a game where you are trying to catch a baddie, instead of the numerous games which they all come for you.
3. Dodge 'em - Have no idea why I like this game so much, I just do!!! =)
4. River Raid - This along with Lock 'n Chase is what my mother & I would play back in the day together. My mom is still gaming to this day with an activision 15 in 1 plug in play.

I have several more, but I gotta get running.

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