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Posted on Jan 22nd 2010 at 05:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Off The Shelf, Super Nintendo, SNES, Metroid, Group, Gaming

Tell your wife/girlfriend/significant other you've got better things to do this Valentines Day, and lets shoot some aliens!!

Released in 1994 Super Metroid is a fan favorite in the series. It was released to pretty much universal praise and often, to this day, still ends up in high spots on "best" game lists. So meet Samus and me this February so we can explore Planet Zebes and slaughter some Space Pirates.

As far as I know this game is only playable on the original release (SNES) and for download on the Wii's Virtual Console. If anyone is aware of any other LEGAL way to obtain and play this title, please post in the comments or send me a PM.

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This will be the first off the shelf I'll be participating in. My SNES is dying to be played.
Well, here goes. lol Never played this one...or any other Metroid game...I have watched my brother beat every single title in the series though...so I shouldn't have any trouble picking it up. Smiley
Fantastic game, one of my favorites Smiley
Can't wait for this one. This is my personal favorite game of all time. Beaten it way more times than I can count.
I really hope I can find time to play this, I played it a little when I got it a while back, but not nearly as much as it deserved. I loved playing the first couple levels that I had time to go through, so I'm looking forward to see what else this game has to offer.

There are 267 members that have this game in its various forms, so there is no reason we can't have a good discussion to accompany this one.

Also, I find it rather strange Nintendo never re-released this on GBA or something, seeing as how popular its been, seems like it'd be a great game to offer to more players.
I'll most likely be playing this game, I'm gonna have to borrow my Dad's copy though.  I haven't played this game in far too long.
@NES_Rules: It's not really that strange. The GBA does not have enough buttons. Compromises would have had to been made in order to turn it into a gameboy advance game control wise which would have made certain skills such as quick charging non-existent.
This could be a dangerous game for me to play.  My girlfriend actually dumped the guy she was with before me because all he did was play Metroid Prime!
Just tell her this one is a lot freakin better than Prime Tongue
She will dump him faster then lol

I'll have to see if i can round up a copy... AFAIK my cuz still owns a copy.

I've only beat it once before(also the only time i have played it) but i absolutely loved it.
This game was definitly one of my favorites on the system.  When it came out, I was still in high school.  I loved the original but this game always felt better in almost every way.  The size of everything, the amount of exploration, the weapon upgrades, it all felt perfect.  If I didnt have my snes stuff boxed up atm, I'd be playing this.  A bit of fun info on it though, the Japanese version is the exact same version we got in N/A.  The language can be selected in either Japanese or English.  This game has always been one of the best 10 to own for the system easy.  Anyone who owns a snes owes it to themselves to own this game.  I'm honestly at a loss how someone could hate it.

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