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Posted on Dec 17th 2007 at 07:55:57 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Big Brother, Modern Gaming, Minitrue, You Know not what is Good For You, Manhunt, Rockstar, BBFC

Let's get this straight - Manhunt 2 is not a good game. Don't believe me? Well, why not believe the composite score as told by Gamerankings.com. Gamerankings is respectable right? It is a cNET property after all, and cNet is nothing but at the pinnacle of journalistic integrity. So yeah, now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk.

James, AndyC, Belgarath, Alabama Shrimp, any other British Member we have that I am not aware of - I feel sorry for you guys at times. I hear that in London the police can actually yell at you via the security cameras. Here in the US, we we use cameras just for observation.  We are harassed via the telescreen, that two way bastion of mind control that we Oceanians have come to know and love. Lest we also not forget about . HAIL BIG BUSH... err... BROTHER!

Britain, we Oceanians are impressed. You have the beginnings of the Thought Police that we Oceanians have had for so very long. It appears as though your government feels as though you are not competent to make your own rational decisions on certain matters regarding these... video games. I know not of such things, for fun here in Oceania we relish in the two minutes hate. Hail Big Brother. But yes, I hear that video games are... fun. Truly it is a shame that we are not blessed with such devices.

Manhunt 2. Ah yes, we Oceanians have that game. Officially though, it is not a game, but rather a training exercise required of all Oceanians by Minipeace. I am more prepared now to fight in the unending war now that I have experienced that training exercise. We Oceanians find it strange then that your Thought Police would try to ban such an effective training exercise. As such, Rockstar, the creator of the exercise, successfully filed an appeal with the appeals committee in your country. Luckily for you guys, Rockstar was successful in the appeal, but for some strange reason your Thought Police wish to stop its release. Need we Oceanians remind Britons of the hallowed statement:

We Oceanians hope to guide your Thought Police in making the right decision here. Forfeit the judicial review. Approve this training exercise. It is an essential tool in fighting the unending war. Join Us in Our Quest. That is All. Hail Big Brother.

The Author of this Post assumes no responsibility for any thoughtcrime that may have occurred while reading this article. Hail Big Brother. That is all.

[Gamesindustry.biz] - Article without Spin

Posted on Jun 20th 2007 at 11:32:50 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Whammy, Adults Only, Rockstar, Nintendo, Sony, Manhunt 2

As reported by Joystiq and Kotaku, both Nintendo and Sony will refuse to license Take Two's Manhunt 2 if it retains it's current AO rating. This development comes just one day after the BBFC banned the game in the UK and the ESRB gave the game the aforementioned AO rating.

Reasons for not allowing licensing are pretty well stated. For Nintendo its policy is in the Buyer's Guide:

Quote from: Nintendo
Please note that Nintendo does not sell or license games that carry the ESRB rating 'AO' (Adults Only).

Joystiq contacted David Karraker, Senior Director of Communications for Sony for comments, to which Karraker replied that it is currently Sony's Policy not to carry AO rated content on their systems.

It looks as though the Manhunt saga is getting more and more grim for Take Two and Rockstar. What will happen to the game? Will it see major edits to lose its AO rating, or will the game be scrapped? Given the time they put into the game, I'd expect the former, but who knows, I could be surprised. One thing is certain though, if the ESRB rating stands through the appeal process, Take Two will have to do something. Certainly now it is looking like the game won't be making its release date in three weeks, that's for certain.

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