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Posted on Feb 6th 2008 at 05:01:01 AM by ([Tan:realName])
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As I'm sure everyone is aware, RF Generation has growth immensely in the past couple of years. As our userbase grows so does the need for improvement of the database and collection tools. Whether for shopping, research, curiosity etc. a detailed and filled out database is the key to continued success.

The community of members we have is the heart of RFGen, the database itself is the soul, and together makes up the charm and feature rich functionality that brings new members every month and makes this community a warm welcoming place, a second home for many.

In keeping with the community spirit, we've decided that joint member/staff projects to improve our database would be an excellent opportunity for members who feel they can do more to contribute, while having the staff and admins mingle alongside, so everyone can have an equal chance to be a bigger part of a long lasting series of projects that will ensure RFGen remains the best game database/collection tracking tool on the 'net.

In the coming months, we'll be starting projects one at a time to standardize and fill out game pages on a per system basis. That boils down to adding info, submitting scans and adding reviews overviews etc. Even adding something as small as a part number or Media type goes a long way to making a game page more complete.

Some of you will wonder if you can help out on a system you don't own? Well of course you can! No one here is an expert, and we all try our best to step up and grow beyond our own collections and tackle alien systems and foreign regions. Whether it be a member, a staffer or an admin, we all have something to contribute.

These projects of course will be on a volunteer basis. We will designate a staff member to lead them, and they along with the rest of the staff and admins, will be on hand to answer questions and help everyone, as well as review these submissions as they come in. We only ask that members and staff keep an open mind on the system being worked on, and to not feel pressured to over-commit themselves or take on more than they can handle.

To follow up on this announcement and for you to offer feedback, please feel free to discuss this in our new ongoing Community Project thread located here:


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Good news! All around! Looking forward to it! Tongue

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