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Posted on Jan 22nd 2023 at 10:48:53 PM by (koola6)
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Howdy majiggers!

Happy New Year to you all! I wish you all the best in your gaming experiences going into 2023. So far, a lot has happened already! I finished planning and getting stuff ready for the real run of koola and slackur's obscure gaming theater! It's slackur and I's little channel where we do podcast and gaming videos! You can find it here: (https://www.youtube.com/c.../UCithiTJ8_GHvMhFgYBw-1eA). I started playing a couple games (including Cthulhu Saves the World, which has been a lot of fun!), and was messing around with homebrew on my Wii.

But the thing that I've been doing the most over the past few months is working on OMNIFATE. I'm extremely excited to say that it is almost complete!

This whole experience has been really fun and eye-opening for me. If you'll indulge me, I'd like to talk about it a bit.

The actual coding of OMNIFATE is... well, programming. It's not really that exciting; games are made with code, and there's no dancing around that issue. Most of it has been trial and error. In my article "My experience with breaking games and coding" (from ... oh gosh, 2 years ago!),  I stated most of my experience with coding comes from experimentation with various games that I like. Bu when I wrote that article, I was just starting off and didn't really understand anything. Now that I actually know 70% of what I'm doing, I can say that that was just the starting point to get me to where I am here.

Composing for OMNIFATE was probably the part that changed me the most. Up until about June 2021, I simply had no strong feelings about music. I had my dislikes and likes, sure, but I didn't really have an appreciation for what goes into making a good song. And then, I composed Wurly. After that, I gained much more of an appreciation for music and its composition. I now basically never go a second on my computer without listening to some tunes on Spotify. (Now's where I would plug my Spotify artist profile, but my distributor glitched and removed all my songs. So go listen to them on Bandcamp instead! https://koola6.bandcamp.com/)

Lastly, my favorite part of making OMNIFATE is the writing. From the get-go, I had a basic idea of how the story should go (no spoilers, but with the kind of game OMNIFATE is, you kind of need to have that from the get-go), but I never realized just how fun and entertaining writing for something can be; especially with one character whom you'll know when you play the game, being able to write little interactions between the characters is genuinely extremely fun.

I can only imagine the things that go through Toby Fox's head.

I've been koola, and I hope to see you there in Q3 2023 when OMNIFATE releases.

(I almost completely lost this article! I hit the back button too early! Thankfully, I remembered to save it as a draft, though.)

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