Why did I play this?Why did I play this?

Posted on May 16th 2013 at 05:20:21 PM by (SirPsycho)
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To put this in the simplest of terms, the way the title of this article can happen is if either or both of these hardware manufacturers do one thing, charge the gaming public to activate used games. The news releases of EA ending their online pass program is just the first reason why trying to extort extra money just for buying a game that's already been played will not work. For those of you that have not yet read about EA ending a much maligned policy of theirs their reasoning is as follows "Many players didnt respond to the format. We've listened to the feedback and decided to do away with it moving forward." This translates from business speak to layman's English as 'We were not making a profit.'

Take heed Sony and/or Microsoft. If the 2nd largest 3rd party publisher has already tried and abandoned the tactics that you may well be on the cusp of unveiling to the public then your system is doomed from the start. It is one thing to have individual games lock content up behind a pay wall, but an entire system? The incredible poostorm that has surrounded EA and other companies using online passes to access their multiplayer components after a copy has moved from the 'new' to 'used' bin will be incredibly miniscule compared to having a paywall thrown up blocking me and other gamers from playing a single player game, let alone multiplayer.

Please be smarter than the Discworld Dibblers.

I know I'm only one person and this is anecdotal evidence but I spend almost 90% of my purchasing power on used games and almost never buy a game at launch. When I do it is something I have eagerly been waiting for months to come out and hone in on my targets with the precision of a falcon. I do not pre-order something if I have any shred of doubt that the game might not be good, hence I tend to stick with only a few series which see sporadic releases. Most of the used games I buy are in the $5-10 region and I'm perfectly fine waiting 1 or 2 years for the price to get there. So if either Sony or MS want to charge me an extra $5 to activate a used game and essentially double my investment, they will lose 100% of my business.

No hardware, no pre-orders, no software, no collector's editions, no used games, nothing, nada, zilch.

I will say this once, do not forget it. Your customers are your backbone, defy them and you lose them. Your publishers are greedy snobs, listen to them and you defy your consumers. If these rumors end up being confirmed I will happily go out and buy a brand new Wii U and 4-5 brand new games just to support more level headed and less obvious cash grabby, greedy business tactics. I don't care how weak the hardware is compared to the PS4 or possible NextBox specs, and I know Nintendo is far from perfect. That said, they will have 100% of my gaming budget if Sony and/or Microsoft is really this stupid.

Now here's another scenario, only one of the two unlaunched systems will have a used game activation fee and 'feature'. Given how close the sales are between 360 and PS3, this is just asking to get completely reamed in the backside through marketing techniques. What was once a close race turns into a landslide victory. I can see it now, "No fees just to play," "We don't charge a disc insertion fee," etc. etc. Millions of potential system sales are at stake here, and those millions of systems can support hundreds of millions of software sales. We're talking billions and billions of dollars at stake here, trillions of yen, you will not Cut-Your-Own-Throat will you?

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Restricting the used games market is ludicrous, especially seeing as many PS3 titles seem to drop in price then disappear fairly quickly.  It is also ridiculous when you consider various international markets where prices are too high for the average consumer (see Extra Credits' episode on Brazil for an example of this).

As a console producer, you want to encourage players to have availability to as wide a range as possible to titles so the console has a reputation to new consumers.  This has been a strong driving factor for most of my console purchases.

And this is why I retro game. With the inception of online gaming and downloads, it gives these companies the ability to open and shut off the valve any time they want. Don't worry, even though I love Nintendo, you can bet the farm they will probably follow suit.  Sell me a cart or disc, let me know play it, and stay the hell outta my way, our relationship ends at the checkout counter. The state of gaming today is better graphics and availability, more shovelware/downloads, and access to play against children who mic up to swear at/bully you and hide behind an avatar. But know that this is coming from a bitter old man. Damn, when did I turn into my parents. Smiley
I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm asking an honest question. If Sony and Microsoft both end up charging a fee to activate a used game, you will abandon/boycott all of their hardware and software?  That's almost the equivalent of "I will quit video games" unless you plan on switching to a "Nintendo only" stance.  I think both of them are waiting for the other one to make the announcement so they can say "See! They are doing it too!".
This cycle is just so soul-sucking.  It makes me want to completely ignore the next generation of consoles, though I'm sure that there will be a handful of console only titles (such as Red Dead) that may pull me back in. 

Still, it will be just as easy to spend that PS4/Xbox 720 money on a new video card and more retro games.  At least on the PC I know where I stand in regards to DRM.  Who know where console DRM is going during the next decade? 
@wildbil52: We should all be stuck in this train of thought though, "I don't have to spend my money on new consoles, I already have a massive enough backlog to skip a generation and probably not notice." Also, with every game except the small library of exclusives being on PC, I really won't notice it since I play most of my multiplatform games on my desktop.

That said if they both do it then yes, I will not buy their hardware, not even used since they'll probably charge a $30 used system activation fee.
@wildbil52: I hate to admit it it, but the answer is "yeah, probably" (depending on how it is implemented).  I may cave in when FFXV/P5 comes out, but so far I have managed not to balk at other gaming boycotts.
Buy a used system. You still get to play and not actually support them.

Don't want to support X developer or publisher? Buy the games used. You get to play and they don't get your money.

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