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Posted on Aug 18th 2021 at 12:00:00 PM by (singlebanana)
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[img width=700 height=527]http://i.imgur.com/DJPSjbB.gif[/img]

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the August 2021 edition of RF Generation's Site News! In this issue, we announce our September Community Playthrough title, reveal next month's shoot 'em up club game, and of course, thank those members who sent in submissions to our site and registered approvals last month. Thanks for keeping it on Channel 3 and please continue to keep you and your loved ones SAFE!     

REMEMBER: If you have any news about upcoming events or topics that you think the site needs to hear about, please PM singlebanana and put "RFG Site News" in the subject line.  Who knows, maybe your news will make our front page!


[img width=700 height=545]http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52a1ed94e4b00e295b3b5235/t/589b6218e3df28f7ed658436/1486578214976/?format=1500w[/img]

Before announcing September's playthroughs, I wanted to address some concerns that I've seen on our forums. It seems that our backlog of submissions has grown in the past few months and that many of them have taken a few weeks to get processed. As you know, RF Generation is a community and database run by a staff of members who work for free and donate their time when they have it.  Though the pandemic has definitely kept many more of us at home and slowed us down, I can vouch that working remotely and dealing with kids, schoolwork, etc. has actually significantly reduced my free time.  I know it seems counterintuitive, but there it is.

With that said, I understand the frustrations that go along with using a site where updates take longer than anticipated.  Understand that each submission has to be carefully vetted and evaluated to ensure that it is correct.  We want our site to have as many software and hardware listed in the database as possible, but we also want all of our information accurate.  Several years ago, a decision was made to include downloadable games for tracking in our database, and vetting these has significantly increased the number of submissions, and in turn, the workload of our staff. A sincere thank you to the database staff and to others who have pitched in during this difficult time!

Again, I understand the frustrations, but if any of you have concerns, please address them in a DM to myself (singlebanana) or bickman2k. More importantly, if you would like to join our database staff to help with this backlog and keep our website as up-to-date as possible, PLEASE reach out to us! We are always looking for responsible and detail-oriented people to help out. What makes RF Generation great is that it is a free, member run site with a loyal community of participants.  It's up to all of us to make it a better tool and community.

Thank you,




[img width=495 height=701]https://i.imgur.com/p3X5rmI.jpg[/img]

Next month, the guys go full retro as they delve into the classic Sega series, Shinobi.  Though it has it's earliest roots in the arcade and was ported to the SMS, NES, PC Engine, and various early gaming PCs, the series became a flagship hit and staple when Sega produced three games for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. September will be dedicated to honoring the legacy of the Shinobi series as the singlebanana (Rich), GrayGhost81 (Shawn), their community of playthrough loyalists, and YOU, take on all three Genesis/Mega Drive titles: Shadow Dancer, The Revenge of Shinobi, and Shinobi III: Return of the Master Ninja.  These run and gun, hack 'n slash platformers are single-sitters, so we will dedicate about a week and a half to each.  Be sure to check the schedule on our Shinobi forum HERE to sign up and discuss these classics with fellow site members!

These Shinobi titles are available on the Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, and are downloadable on various modern consoles and physical Sega collections.



[img width=700 height=175]https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzM5NzgwNTkucG5n/original/Sw4S0g.png[/img]

Amber Black, a military faction based in the Asian Continent, has their influence all across the southern hemisphere, and has begun taking over other private military companies and factions. However, their rival JOKER will not stand for this. After a gap in their jumpgate defensive system due to the Enemy Black operation, JOKER begins their mission to take down Amber Black once and for all. Take to the skies, JOKER unit no.233487, and destroy Amber Black's ambition.

Pilot the insanity fighter "Assault Shell" and shoot down the enemy down to pieces! Select from 4 different variations, the powerhouse ALPHA, the high-ranged BETA, the stonewall GAMMA, and the melee master DELTA! Charge up your hyper meter to unleash a powerful hyper mode, but charge it up again to unleash the insanity system BLANK STAND, which not only makes you even stronger, but damages the enemy's sanity and turns them insane, making them harder to fight. Use the risk vs reward system effectively in order to score high and destroy efficiently! Blast through 5 stages and eradicate all of the large and epic bosses Amber Black has to throw at you!

Join the RF Generation Shmup Club in September 2021, as we take a look at indie shooter Assault Shell from Overloaded Studios! You can buy it now on Itch.io, or on Steam.

Check out the game trailer:



[img width=606 height=450]https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c0/a2/98/c0a298e4892934840f23e0f6a28af523.gif[/img]

In July, site members contributed a total of 516 submissions to our database. Of these additions, 490 were game submissions and 26 were related to hardware items. Of this total, 115 contributions were new images and 107 of these images were game submissions. A big thanks to all who submitted items to our database and to those who reviewed them all for the month of June! We appreciate your efforts in making our database and community a great tool for our users.

Our top submitters (those with a minimum of 50) for July 2021 were:

Schlibby                  144

Thanks for another great month! 

Top approvers for the month (with a minimum of 25) included:

slackur                   170
Schlibby                   29
ApolloBoy                27

Great work all!

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