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Posted on Feb 18th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (slackur)
Posted under Obscure Oddities, uncommon, PS4, XBox One, Switch

Well, this Dragon 32/64 game is certainly off everyone's radar, but I don't have a Dragon 32.  Or the Cassette Drive.  Or British.

Being in video game retail for so many years now, I can easily say one of my favorite parts of the job is finding and recommending obscure titles to customers who had no idea such games existed.  I love digging up and collecting gaming oddities myself, and every time I find a list of such titles I bookmark them to compile and search for later.  When I thought I'd have the time to keep it up, I originally started a forum to track these, but it turns out I can't get to it nearly often enough to keep it relevant. (Sorry!)

Hopefully I'm not alone here on this, so in that spirit here's another list for those interested: 

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack (Switch, PC)

Once only on 3DS and later PC, the Switch version is a perfect package of the original and the sequel.  Runs great, plays great, and already getting tough to find.

Black Hole: Complete Edition (PC, Xbox One, PS4, apparently only physical on PS4)
Quirky and humorous platformer, with a very limited physical release (got mine on Amazon.)

Battle Garegga Rev.2016 (Xbox One, PS4, only physical import on PS4)

If you, like me, always wanted the Saturn import but couldn't stomach the prices, the PS4 Korean version is a physical disc and can be imported for under $50! (before shipping.)  Really is as good as I heard, and it has a TON of options.

Bleed/Bleed 2 (Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4, only import physical on PS4)

A Play-Asia physical exclusive, these are fun and stylish run-and-gun action games.  I really like them.

Cat Quest (Switch, PC, Mobile, PS4, only physical on PS4)
If you like cats, and you like RPGs, I can't see how you would be disappointed.  I don't like cats and even I thought this was fun!  It is normally only $20 on Amazon, but stock is iffy.

Dex (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Vita, only physical import on PS4)

Cyberpunk 2020 in 2D form, Metroidvania style.  Not the most fluid combat engine, but the atmosphere, tone, and characters are right out of the 80's idea of our corporate-run future.

Dungeons III (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
I was frustrated by how clunky Dungeons II ended up, because mixing a Dungeon Keeper with an RTS just sounded awesome.  Part III fixes much of the past problems, but came to market with a dull thud and is the very definition of a hidden gem.  Already discounted, if it sounds up your alley I recommend snatching it up before the physical disappears.

The Inner World: The Last Monk (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
A modern point-and-click adventure won't generally make waves, even with a colorful art style and whimsical game world such as in the Inner World series.  The console discs come with the first game and its sequel, and the few copies at retail are disappearing.

Ittle Dew 2+ (Switch, Mobile)

A cute Zelda-like with lots of charm, and a limited release on Switch.  If you saw Breath of the Wild but long for the original overhead-view action, check it out.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, physical only on PS4)
I missed out on the original release since it was digital only, and I didn't make that mistake when a disc version came out on PS4.  Copies seem pretty limited, though.

Okami HD (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

You probably know Okami, and even that it got the HD treatment, but here is another modern game that seems to have gotten a very limited release.  If you aren't going to play it, buy it and hand it on the wall; this is art.

Poi: Explorer Edition (Switch, PC)
OK, with one of the greatest platformers of all time exclusively on the Switch, why do you need another 3D platformer?  Because Poi is a labor of love, a return to the great vibe of Super Mario 64 in a completely different way, a limited physical release, and a fun game.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (3DS)
The original DS release is rightfully highly lauded and became somewhat expensive and hard to find.  What to do?  Pretty it up, give it an extra "visual novel" style easy difficulty option, and... give it another somewhat limited release.  Ugh.  If you want it, I'd track it down now.

Rock Boshers DX (PC, PS4, Vita)

This has been out a little while, but the recent (extremely limited) physical release reminded me of what a neat little game it is.  Quirky, fast-paced, tough but manageable, and some entertaining mini-games.  Often overlooked but worth checking out.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
A return to the era when "stealth" gameplay involved an isometric perspective, tricky timing, and lots of experimental restarts.  The level design and detail is exquisite, the characters are surprisingly well developed, and best of all the game is built around the minute-by-minute progress with easy saves and quick gameplay.  A nice surprise, and already discounted and getting rare.

Space Hulk, Space Hulk: Ascension, Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch (PC, PS4, mobile)
Space Hulk, based off the original miniatures board game, has had many video game conversions but the recent PS4 version has the best and most refined take on the material (IMHO.)  Ascension is like a gigantic expansion pack, and Deathwatch is the recent mobile successor that also ended up on PS4.  Your enjoyment of these games is highly dependent on your enjoyment of the source material and small-squad turn-based tactics gameplay.  The physical PS4 versions are, by my observations, only available in Europe and availability (at least for inexpensive copies) is thinning so if you wanted to add these to your physical library you may not want to wait.

Surf World Series (PC, XBox One, PS4, only Physical on PS4)
My only positive experience with surfing video games begins and ends with California Games on the Atari Lynx.  OK, there have been a few others I liked, but my gold standard was finally surpassed with Surf World Series on PS4.  I found the disc version on Amazon for under $20, and the simple but deep gameplay and gorgeous graphics make it a surprisingly worthwhile game.

Windjammers (PS4, previously on Neo Geo and compilations)

I never expected to own a physical version of this, but now that I have a PS4 copy I recommend tracking it down if you can get it reasonably cheap and have a buddy to go against.  The versus mode is lots of fun, and it feels like I'm playing a hidden slice of old-school gaming history.

World of Magic: Planar Conquest (Xbox One, PS4, physical import only)
4X games on consoles are as rare as fun Philips CD-I games, but sometimes you get one close enough that it is worth spending time with.  Worlds of Magic is far from perfect, but it is obviously a labor of love and while clunky it can be a lot of fun.  Also only available on disc from our British neighbors, copies are still under $20 but seem to be drying up.  Worth trying for the curious, and once you get past the admittedly steep learning curve it has a lot to keep your interest.

Bonus!  A few more right around the corner that seem like they are going to be on this list before long:

Armello (PS4)
Often referenced as "Game of Thrones in the animal kingdom," Armello is a gorgeous board game-made video game, and while it looks a little overwhelming, it flows well and each game is wrapped up in under an hour.  Great for parties and the disc version releasing soon has all of the DLC content.   

The Raven (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
Another point-and-click at a budget price and limited availability.  Looks neat.

Shiny (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
A runner/platformer that looks like a lot of fun.  Published by Soedesco, which is guaranteed to make it a more limited release.

Any others you've played lately?  List 'em below!

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What a coincidence.

Yesterday the Sinclair QL was added as a system to the database. I added a couple of games in for the system so that it wouldnt be empty. And the very first game added was... Area Radar Controller
Awesome article! I love cats and ordered Cat Quest off Amazon, immediately after reading this.
@Schlibby:Yeah I saw that in the DB, it was perfect, thanks for your work!

@MaterialHandlerMike:Yay! That's the exact reason for the list, so I'm glad it's "working!". If you like punny humour, you are in for a treat. Cheesy
RGT85 also talked about Poi, and I'm thinking I need to add it to my list of Switch games to pick up.  I didn't know Ittle Dew 2 was a limited release, so I need to get on that.  Gunvolt and Battle Garrega were already on my radar, but I'm glad to hear BG is NOT a limited release, because I want to make sure I secure a copy.  Thanks for highlighting some more under the radar stuff.
Love these articles, man. Keep em up.

First off, I didn't think Dungeons III was out on Xbox One yet - but I was wrong. Thanks!

Second, never even heard of Worlds Of Magic. Looks cool.

Other recommendations (these are all Xbox One, maybe other consoles).... I've been playing Railway Empire which I feel like is way under the radar; Surviving Mars will be out next month and there's no real talk of it; also, Tower Of Guns got a physical release outside of the US.
Space Hulk is also available for the PS Vita, again only in Europe. Also, Worlds of Magic got a PS4 physical EU release, but not an XBox One physical release.  It was announced, but dropped shortly before release.
@Raidou:Space Hulk also got a European PS3 release, I believe.  Thanks for the correction and info 🙂
Thatís a great list! I really like Dex itís been a fun and challenging game to get into.
Don't forget about Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It's frustratingly fun.

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