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Posted on Jan 1st 2013 at 01:00:00 AM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, New Year, 2013, Happy New Year, Donation Drive

Welcome to 2013! 2012 is now in the history books and what a year it was! A ton of new games, hardware, and images were added to the database. But more than that, we've added a lot of "behind the scenes" features and fixes that will help us out in 2013 and beyond. We've also learned a lot, like how important frequent backups are. So what else happened in 2012 you ask? Well, I'll remind you.

  • Shadow Kisuragi took charge of fixing the regions in the European PS2 section of the DB, for the second time since his original work was lost in the outage.

  • We added two new DB Contributors, Bildtstar and Raffa1985.

  • TheGrue was added as a staff Programmer.

  • We moved from a VPS with 1GB of RAM and 20GB of drive space. To a dedicated server with 4GB of RAM and dual 500GB drives.

  • We switched the site to support only Android devices.

  • We switched back to supporting other devices.

  • We reached 80,000 scans in the database.

  • The RFGeneration Collectorcast was introduced.

  • Aeroc won the PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS contest...again.

  • Sirgin and Aeroc were added to staff as DB Contributors.

  • We reached 70,000 titles in the DB.

  • Shadow Kisuragi and his team finished fixing the regions on Euro PS2 and Xbox games.

I'd say that's a pretty good list, and it doesn't even mention the countless little things that have been tweaked or fixed over the year. So now that you've been reminded what's been happening around here. I'd like to take this time to remind how you can help the site you love. As always, you can help us become even better by simply making submissions to the DB, whether its an image or some information, it all helps. If you've already submitted everything you could and still want to help us out, you can help with the gift of a donation, as we are one week into our annual donation drive.

During the donation drive, we raise the money that is needed to keep the site online. This is the reason we have no ads on the site and can afford to have a server that can handle a database the size of ours. We're one week into the drive and have raised just over $100, or about 10% of our goal, so we've still got a ways to go. But don't worry, you know we love you, so we won't just take your money and not give anything back. Every donor gets the Donor rank on the forum and access to a special board on the forum. You also get your name forever immortalized on the Donors page. And thanks to the RFGeneration Collectorcast there are some extra special prizes. Everyone donating at least $5 will get their name mentioned on the Podcast, those donating $20 or more will have all of their scores mentioned in the next episode, and those donating $30 or more will get the download to the Episode 0 of the podcast. And best of all, the highest donor during the drive will receive an amazing prize pack including two items of their choice from the RFGeneration store, plus some other goodies that will be donated by staff members.

So please, donate to the cause if the thought of ads plastered on RFGeneration make you sick. Or if you just want to help out a friend that's always there for you.

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I'm in with $20. I love your database and printable lists. :-D
Pitched in.  Pretty obvious I should. ;P
Of course I contributed to the site.  But how much did I give (for those that want the top-donor award)?  Oh, but I have until Feb 1st to add to it...  How much should you give to beat me???
this is an awesome site, but i think these ideas will make your site even better!                                                                         

1. replace the screenshots with gameplay vids
2. add a section for arcade and pinball machines!
3. for the manual sect for game or system, like the action shots on screenplay, put page pics for the manuals so we can read them
We can't post full manual scans due to copyright laws. Gameplay videos though is not something I had given serious thought to, but it's definitely a possibility and not something that's been brought up before.

Arcade has been brought up quite a few times recently, but we'd have to add proper support for it instead of shoehorning it into our current collection tools. I'll see about moving priority for that up.
Kicked in what I could for the donation drive,  now to get back to scanning games for image submissions...  evil scanner.
Just an update on the donation drive, we've raised almost $400 during the drive, so we're doing good but have a little ways to go before we reach our goal. So big thanks to everyone who has donated so far, I hope you're enjoying that super awesome exclusive section of the forum.

Also, I thought I'd mention something very interesting I noticed. Most of our donors this year are new members, most have been here less than a year and some only a couple months or less. So RFG veterans, its up to you to show these newbies what's what Tongue
If I can get a video capture set up, I can start posting gameplay video (of my terrible skills.)  I think if I could get separate setups for retro and HD systems (unless there is a quality system that handles both) I'd be willing to have folks look at our collection list and request gameplay vids.  Those with the most requests (or just something eclectic few people have seen) would get higher up on the queue.  Hey, I could even post quick thoughts about the game in question after it is recorded.

I... wonder if I just opened a can of you-have-no-idea-what-you-are-getting-into worms... 
I kicked in what was left in my PayPal account. Not much but it's something.

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