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RF Generation is the product of the work of many, many individuals. Over the years we've grown, and with this growth as come increased costs in running this site. Certainly, RF Generation is no longer a cheap operation. Thankfully, there are some excellent people who keep this site running through their donations.

Our donors are a wonderful group of people. Because of their love of the site, they have donated money to keep the site running. Their donations keep the site free for everyone, and currently ad-free for the community. Their donations are extremely appreciated. Donations help to keep the site you know and love running, and so long as we're running, we'll continue to be THE classic and modern gaming databases.

We really appreciate that our donors have been willing to give money to keep the site free and ad-free for all. We at RF Generation would like to acknowledge all those people who have allowed for RF Generation to be free for all:

Our Donors

RF Generation thanks all these donors for their generous donations. Without their donations, we might not be around for much longer. If you are interested in becoming a donor yourself, we certainly would welcome and appreciate your generosity. We currently take donations through paypal, and that link can be accessed through this donation page. On behalf of the RF Generation community, we appreciate all donations and we thank everyone who has donated so far.

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