RF Generation.  The Classic and Modern Gaming Databases.RF Generation.  The Classic and Modern Gaming Databases.

RF Generation was founded on April 28, 2004, in no particular order, by Laurel Settee, Michael Collins, Mark Hartholt, Eddie Herrmann, Mike Leon, and Rick Kuethe. Unsatisfied with the success of previous projects in the video game collecting community, these six people pooled their collective work together to create RF Generation, a group of collectors, gamers, writers, and programmers devoted to bringing the gaming community the best coverage of any and all things video games.

Currently, the staff of RF Generation is working on several projects, the most prominent of those being this very web site. As we collect and enter data and scans into our online database, we hope that RF Generation will become the most complete resource available on the internet for classic, neo-classic, and modern gamers alike. Other RF Generation projects will be announced as they come closer to fruition.

RF Generation lives with the motto that we always keep it on channel three, and you, our friends -- our community -- should always keep it tuned to channel three. This site is a testament to the dedication of everyone involved, ranging from us on staff to those members that keep the community lively, to those just stopping by. I'm sure that I speak for the original webmaster when I say we are truly grateful for the community that our members foster, and with classic video games, "The Winner is ALWAYS you!"

On February 1st, 2006, RF Generation tragically lost one of it's founding members. Michael Collins was a cornerstone of RF Generation, and without him this site may never had existed. Whether you knew Mike personally or whether you knew him only through RF Generation on behalf of the community I can say that we all miss you Mike. Mike lived with his mantra that everyone should recieve the proper credit and as he put it, "no one here should [ever] be forgotten." We will never forget Mike. Mike was an inspiration for all of us, and a friend to many.

It has been a few years since Mike passed away and we have had time to grieve and move on. We've also had time to reflect on the past, and since Mike's passing we have determined that we would share our thoughts, memories, and reflections of Mike in a memorial. We encourage you to view our memorial of Mike. As Mike said no one should be forgotten, and we certainly will never forget Mike. If you like you can submit your own reflection, thoughts, or memories regarding Mike, and we encourage you to do so if you ever knew him.

New and old, we are the staff of RF Generation, in alphabetical order. If the staff member has chosen to create a staff page, you can click their name to view their individual staff page.

Name Private Message Email Position
Adam Bickley (bickman2k) Send a Private Message abickley@rfgeneration.com Technical Director, Podcast Host
Henry Branch (CoinCollector) Send a Private Message coincollector1@msn.com DB Contributor
Dirk Bräuer (Madir) Send a Private Message madir@rfgeneration.com DB Reviewer
Chris Cantrell (Duke.Togo) Send a Private Message jackcrow2000@comcast.net Blog Writer, Podcast Crew, Media Coordinator
Josh Dieckmann (MetalFRO) Send a Private Message metalfro@frontiernet.net Blog Writer, Community Coordinator
Bert Ferwerda (Bildtstar) Send a Private Message videogames@live.nl DB Editor
Mike Fox (NES_Rules) Send a Private Message mlfoxjr@yahoo.com Site Director
Rich Franklin (singlebanana) Send a Private Message rfrankliniii@hotmail.com Editorial Director
Raymond Goushaw (Shadow Kisuragi) Send a Private Message Database Director
Dennis Gruchala (den68) Send a Private Message den68@rfgeneration.com Graphic Designer, Merchandise Designer, DB Contributor
Eddie Herrmann (St0rmTK421) Send a Private Message eherrmann@rfgeneration.com Database Director Emeritus, Perl Programmer
Paul L. (Paully3433) Send a Private Message DB Editor
Floyd Leach (Fleach) Send a Private Message floyd-leach@hotmail.com Blog Writer
Bil McGee (wildbil52) Send a Private Message wildbil@gmail.com Blog Writer, Podcast Crew
Jason Meek (bombatomba) Send a Private Message lordperth1@gmail.com Blog Writer
David Murnan (TraderJake) Send a Private Message dmurnan@rfgeneration.com Site Director Emeritus, PHP Programmer
Mr. Mysterious (Sirgin) Send a Private Message DB Reviewer
Mr. Mysterious (GrayGhost81) Send a Private Message ctuagentgray@gmail.com Blog Writer
Matt Mysterious (Schlibby) Send a Private Message DB Contributor
Mr. Mysterious (Sauza12) Send a Private Message mswindell@visitingphysicians.com DB Contributor
Jesse Mysterious (slackur) Send a Private Message elison777@yahoo.com Blog Writer, Podcast Host
Mr. Mysterious (noiseredux) Send a Private Message noiseredux@gmail.com Blog Writer
James N (blcklblskt) Send a Private Message blcklblskt@rfgeneration.com DB Contributor
Sean O'Neill (FatherJack) Send a Private Message DB Contributor
Anton Pettinger (ga5ket) Send a Private Message ga5ket@rfgeneration.com DB Editor
Kelsy Polnik (Crabmaster2000) Send a Private Message Blog Contributor
Graham Prothro (SirPsycho) Send a Private Message Blog Writer
Pat Sandi (Fleabitten) Send a Private Message fleabitten@rfgeneration.com DB Contributor
Anthony Terzi (Izret101) Send a Private Message izret101@rfgeneration.com DB Editor
Ben Ullmark (ApolloBoy) Send a Private Message DB Editor
Ben Wilkinson (OatBob) Send a Private Message bwilkinson@rfgeneration.com DB Reviewer
Scott Williams (Tynstar) Send a Private Message DB Reviewer

We'd like to thank everyone who made this site what it is today. There are so many people who we wish to thank, from our community members to previous staff members who have helped to make this site what it is today. Below, we recoginze all the previous staff members for their hard work. This site would be just a part of itself if they did not help on the way. We all thank you for the groundwork that you helped lay for our operations today.
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