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Posted on Mar 26th 2009 at 02:14:02 PM by (Izret101)
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I am very behind in the times but i am sure there are still others out there who have not made the jump to either purchase a 360 or if you already own one to go wireless. This my friends is for you - I am stealing this from the review i did on the actual game page found here.  More info at the bottom of the review.

Not much need for an overview on this bad boy.

Simple to hook up: clips on the back of the system then plugs into the USB port beneath it.

Just make sure if you have an ethernet cable plugged in your 360 remove it before plugging this in.

It has gotten pretty good reviews all over the web. Well this is not a good one this is a scathing one! And to be honest i don't see why ANYONE has had anything good to say about it!.

Congratulations MS you made a wireless adapter that works with your console! When 360 could have easily been wireless out of the box the Wii, PS3, DS, and PSP all were!

The hefty 100$ MSRP should have you thinking twice about picking this up when there are cheaper wireless alternatives on the market. Apparently MS originally had stated that only their Wireless adapter would work with the 360 but after i did some research on the web for 360 wireless alternatives I found there are many wireless options available for a much more affordable price.

Unless your an accessory collector and NEED to have something official this is not worth the price given there are so many worthwhile alternatives on the market.

RF Generation Review Score


*sorry for not putting a real score here I just felt that it didn't really deserve one. Outside of the fact that it does what it is supposed to do there are few to no redeeming factors of this piece of hardware.
Also i know this isn't really a review field. Get over it. I just enlightened you.

Ok so here is the more info part.
I have been unsuccessful thus far in getting my recently acquired Xbox360 connected to the internet.
Mostly due to the lack of access to a massive cat5 cable.
Which i thought would be solved by the even more recently picked up official wireless adapter.
Which refuses to find my network. Which is very frustrating(to say the least) since i had decided not to play anything on it till i could get it online first.

I will continue to try and figure out why i cannot pull in a wireless signal.

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I like your scoring system. Smiley
Chalk up another victory for wiring any console that supports it!

And +1 for the scoring!
I like how after sleeping i noticed all my errors :-/

I have already spent 2-3 hours messing around with just the wireless adapter and another 2-3 looking for ways in the house to get it to connect without running a huge cat5.
None have panned out yet :-/

Maybe i will get lucky and my cuz will have something on hand so i don't have to buy anything.
Grammar errors annoyed the crap out of me, but I totally agree with the review itself!
I agree about the grammar errors. Does that site have any editors that review the front page posts before they go out? Do they need one? I'd probably volunteer to do that...

It's SHOCKING that the wireless adapter costs $100 for this. That's robbery. There's absolutely no reason that it shouldn't have been wireless right out of the box. Oh, right, other than the fact that they can probably charge $100 for something that would have cost them an extra $2 or $3 to add to the system. Good old Microsoft. They can just never stop doing jerky things.
Keep in mind the original Xbox wireless adapter was 120 or 130 retail.
We should be greatful for the price cut!

Again sorry for the errors. I wrote it up and submit it sometime around 3-am EST :-/ Though i had caught all the mistakes initially.
@BadEnoughDude: There is one thing that just came to mind, though. Since Microsoft was trying to get the jump on the competition and be the first out of the gate, I'd be willing to bet that wireless would be considered an add-on by everyone again this gen, at least for a home console. Since no one would be able to release a third-party wireless adapter, they could charge what they want. Fast forward 1 year and Wii and PS3 have it built in.
DS and PSP were both released much earlier than the 360 and they both have built in wireless. And they are portable gaming systems where wireless/online play was damn near unheard of. The 360 is the successor to a system that had a huge online community.

This is simply Microsoft raping people's wallets because they know people will pay. Anyway, good luck on getting it hooked up Izret.
Yea the 360 had a head start but i don't think they were really worried about what the competition was doing as far as wireless connectivity was concerned.
In their minds they had a solid product people wouldpay for.
Unlike Sony they didn't blatantly say they were going to fleece the customer.
And unlike nintendo they didn't cut other corners as far as actual system specs go.

Each system has its flaws and its upsides.
This just happened to be a flaw that was driving me crazy at this moment in time.

Try and remember that when you open up your PS3 and find out that Sony screwed you out of a headset, component cables and HDMI cable which every X360 comes with, even the cheapie arcade models. Or the Wii that doesn't have a LAN adapter or component cables either. Each system has it's faults that's for sure.


Well, I'll use this tutorial to make mine wifi when I finally get one. Tongue
I think the 20$ wireless adapter thumbdrive i saw is probably the cheapest alternative Wink
@c4804: Actually the Arcade doesn't come with component or HDMI, just basic composite. Maybe it's different in Canada?
Pretty sure my Wii came with composite.
I know it still has some other form of video cable in there i don't need.

But besides the point.
Even with the things those other consoles are lacking the prices of them do not equal up to the 100$ price point of the official wireless adapter. (At least not anymore PS3 HDMI cables were upto or over 100$ at launch.)

As for a LAN adapter i have nearly no use for that where i have tons of use for immediate online connectivity.

Yea i kinda helped cut you down on your list. I do completely understand what your saying though. Especially since you are essentially taking my same stance on the big guys screwing the consumer.
When i got my 360 2 months ago, i had no idea that it wasn't wireless.
I was shocked at how expensive the adapter is. Honestly, i mean the Nintendo Wi-Fi usb dongles are only like $20-30 AUS, which pretty much do the same thing as the 360's wireless adapter, why don't MS pull their heads out of their asses and at LEAST put the price down to 50 bucks.
I'm sad to hear the adapter isn't working. Especially when it's that expensive. Sad
User error I am sure Smiley
Pah, Microsoft's "cheaper" console doesn't end up cheaper, does it Tongue
Actually i think i have a Nintendo WiFi thing somewhere around here.
I haven't read anything about anyone trying that with their 360 yet but just based on the huge number of USB/Ethernet wireless adaptors that do work with it i would love for someone on the site who has both to try it out!

@Tynstar: Yes i hate you too. Smiley (I can't attack Sega like you attack MK it goes against my good conscious)

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