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Author Topic: The Beaten in 2016 Thread! - One post per person!  (Read 13613 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 09, 2016, 08:47:40 PM »


9th - Wolfenstein : The New Order (PS4)

I'm not really a big fan of shooters, but this one won me over, not just for been fun, but also for having a good story and characters that you actually cared for. This creates a remarkable experience that keeps it from being just another generic war themed shooter among many others. 8/10


27th - Resident Evil Zero (PS4)

Those who like and miss the classic Resident Evil gameplay, will probably enjoy it. Even being, for me, the weakest episode of the main series (just behind RE 6). The protagonists lack charisma and have cold personality. They fail to move the story and make it more interesting. So annoying is the terrible inventory system that demands to backtrack all the time, making the gameplay gets tiresome. 7/10


8th - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood(PS4)

Gameplay wise feels like an expansion to ''The New Order''. There's some new mechanics and all, but plays very similar to it. However, the formula is still fun and this new version is substantially shorter than the last game, so the ''Deja vu'' feel won't be a problem to endure. I enjoyed the plot and characters too. 8/10

16th - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U)

Surely, it's far more pleasant to experience Twilight Princess without the blurry mess that the Wii/Gamecube versions look like on HD TV's, but it's not on the same level of presentation of Wind Waker HD. About the game itself, it's fantastic inside the dungeons, but good to mediocre outside them. Not among my favorites games in the series. 7/10

25th - Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda (GBA)

It doesn't have the rich environments, elaborate puzzles or dramatic battles of modern zeldas', but even simple, it's fun...as long you play this with an overworld map and guide showing heart pieces and upgrades location, given the lack of useful information in the game and high difficult. It's ''unpalatable'' without this. My first time completing Zelda 1 by the way (better late than never)! 7/10


17th - Quantum Break(XONE)

The mechanics involving time manipulation is a neat idea, but unfortunately the implementation lacks creativity and it's too scripted. The developer also tried to innovate by adding an episode series inside the game, that last about 20 minutes each chapter, but the story and characters kinda sucks, so i saw no reason to watching it. The rest is the same usual shooting sequences a la Max Payne, but not as fun. 6/10


22th - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4)

The best cinematographic videogame experience you can get. Simple and (really) effective plot, amazing characters, stunning (i mean, it's really stunning) visuals and lots of ''wow'' moments. Great conclusion to the Uncharted storyline and i'm feeling so sad by thinking Nathan's adventures may have came to an end. Best game of 2016 so far. 10/10


04th - Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

It was fun, but Nintendo played it too safe, like the way they did with the ''New Super Mario bros.'' series. It recycles too many ideas and environments of Star Fox 64. Also, while not broken, having to control it looking to the gamepad screen and the tv is confusing, inaccurate and feel forced, could've work perfectly in a conventional way.  7/10


09th - Inside (XONE)

This game reminds me of those weird cult movies, that have a message hidden in a lot of bizarre stuff going on involving experiments on humans. Even not getting 100% of what it is about, i had a good time. It's a 2D platformer with some interesting and creative, fun and challenging but never obtuse puzzle solving. I enjoyed the horror movie atmosphere as well, although it looks too gray sometimes. 8/10

24th - Shadow Complex Remastered (XONE)

I would define it as a Metroid with a Metal Gear like plot (but much less complex) and look. Although the plot and characters are not worth mentioning, the gameplay will certainly please people who enjoy Metroid games (myself included). By the way the hero upgrades are identical to Samus Aran's ones. It's original? Has personality? No, but it's fun.  8/10


14th - The Last Guardian (PS4)

Feels a lot like ICO, but you play as the weakest one and need to lean on the beast called Trico to protect you from enemies and help to overcome obstacles and puzzles. I had a very good time with it, but interact with Trico demands patience and can frustrate sometimes (even being a great character) and the controls needed some more polish 8/10
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it's not that bad...You can barely notice it.
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« Reply #16 on: January 10, 2016, 06:29:56 PM »

Fallout 3....I don't know why I didn't start playing this game years ago.  I couldn't put it down. 10/10

Halo Reach  typical Halo game, pretty easy.  Went through the motions and beat it without hardly paying attention. 8/10

Alien vs. Preditor (SNES) A repetitive and broken beat em' up.  I love beat em ups and this was incredibly disappointing.  I wont be playing this one again. 3/10

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES) not a bad port of the arcade, but the sound effects are very muffled and there aren't that many of them.  The music isn't up to standard either, it looks like they sacrificed a lot to get this game onto the SNES.  7/10


Mega Man X2 (SNES)  Good, but not my favorite.  Some of the music wad ok, but most of it ranged from forgettable too bad.  Robot Masters weren't that tough, but Zero and Sigma were a pain.8/10

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (SNES) the definition of generic.  And repetitive.  And about as simple as you could possibly get in an rpg.  And then sometimes the game decides to get incredibly cheap and smoke your ass before you get a chance to get a single action off.  Won't play again.  Need to wash that bad taste out of my mouth with a proper rpg...4/10


Illusion of Gaia (SNES) not bad.  Decent action RPG.  I didn't fall in love with it though.  A little too linear, not much open world exploration to speak of.  Story was meh.  Controls were frustrating at times, but pretty good.  Music was mostly forgettable.  The game was really pretty though, some of the best I've seen in the system.7/10

Karnov (NES) thought this game was cooler when I was a kid.  Not a huge fan of it now.  There's just one song in the entire game until the final boss.  It's a catchy song, but damn... Also the hit boxes are bad, they're either too small or too big.  I saw my bullets fly straight through enemies a bunch of times, probably because of the flicker.  The levels weren't bad, some variety like the swimming and flying levels.  The controls we're irritating.  You get a sub menu of special weapons and the way your select then is by pressing left and right in the D-pad.  This wouldn't be a problem if you didn't also use the D-pad to walk... so every time you press the d-pad in a given direction the items keep switching.  It's very annoying, especially when you're trying to use the ladder in one spot and you have to keep pressing left and right to not only get in the right spot, but land on the ladder icon too.  And THEN, the greatest ending in the library of the NES: "CONGRATULATIONS!!  The end."  No explanation, no closure, just congratulations the end.  5/10

Ducktales (NES)  great game.  Fun pogo mechanic with Scrooge's cane.  Beautiful capcom graphics, awesome capcom music and sound.  Only complaint is how short and almost too easy the bosses are.  Makes for a great speed running game though.  I'll pick this up again some day.  9/10

Bucky O'Hare (NES)  Luckily I bought this game for $5 last year (thrift store score)....I can't believe what it goes for now.  Most rare games arent worth the price, but I would argue that this is one absolutely is.  All I have to say is holy crap what a fun game.  So exciting to play.  Very difficult game, but with unlimited continues it balanced it nicely.  It feels like they were trying to capture the essence of Sonic the Hedgehog in some ways, very fast movements and quick thinking in a bunch of levels.  The levels by the way were beautifully designed, each one unique.  Lots of fun puzzles to figure out.  The graphics are fantastic, as they should be for a late NES game.  I thought the controls were touchy at first, but after a little practice I got used to them.  The music ROCKED.  Konami games always has great soundtracks.  Will absolutely play this game again.  10/10


Rocketknight Adventures (Genesis) it kills me that there weren't more sequels to this game.  I know it was late in the genesis life, but there's no reason it couldn't have been carried over to the Saturn or Playstation.  Like Bucky O'Hare, Rocketknight Adventures is difficult but it's balanced nicely.  Every level is unique, beautiful, and filled with signature Konami staples & enemies.  The music is catchy and memorable, Konami knows how to make the most of every console's sound chip.  Controls are responsive but slippery, again much like Bucky.  That's only a minor gripe though, this game is one of the best the Genesis as well as the 16-bit generation has to offer. 10/10

The Legend of Zelda (NES) One of the first video games I ever had as a kid.  My brother and I loved this game so much as kids that we could never bring ourselves to finishing the game because we didn't want it to be over.  Well I finally beat it, on my original copy.  Funny story, my brother and I accidentally stumbled across the master quest when we randomly thought it would be cool to name our file ZELDA.  We thought we discovered something no one knew.  Turns out everyone did....but I digress.  Great game, will always be a classic, I'll probably be buried with it when I die.  10/10 (obviously)

Mega Man 5 (SNES) One of the easiest MM games for/10 the NES.  Boss patterns are simple, the castles are easy, and this game gives out 1ups and E-Tanks like candy.  It's a very pretty game, even for Mega Man standards.  Music is some of the best of the series, probably my favorite. 8/10

Kirby's Adventure (NES) cute game.  Cute enemies, stages, music, colors.  Also very easy.  The mini games were fun, all the abilities were interesting.  7/10

Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (NES) Not a great golf game.  Controls are poor, navigating screens is weird,  graphics are unappealing, only two courses, characters are unbalanced.  The music was ok.  NES Open and Black Box Golf are superior games. 3/10




Doom (PC) still holds up.  Still fun as hell.  Gory/demonic imagery is still creepy.  I love how simple it is to strafe and shoot, perfect for running and gunning.  I feel like FPS's these days try too hard to make it as real as possible, so much so that it's not even a game anymore.  Not everything needs to be a simulator.  Doom is just the perfect game for satisfying the needs to shoot the shit out of anything that moves. 9/10
Now playing:

Castlevania Bloodlines (Genesis) this game is hard...too hard.
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Sega 32X
United States
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« Reply #17 on: January 16, 2016, 06:32:08 PM »


16th: Fahrenheit 451 (MS DOS Emulated)


29th: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)


7th: Dragon Crystal (3DS Virtual Console)


15th: Smash T.V. (Arcade Emulated) "I'd buy that for a dollar!"
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Have you played Atari today?

Sega does what Nintendon't.

"I'd buy that for a dollar!" - Smash T.V.

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WWW Stats

Champion of

« Reply #18 on: January 17, 2016, 11:02:15 PM »

1-23: Disgaea 5 (PS4)

2-4: Miracle Warriors (SMS)
2-20: Shovel Knight (WiiU)
2-20: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (WiiU)
2-26: EarthBound (WiiU)
2-28: We Love Katamari (PS2)

3-8: Gumby vs. The Astrobots (GBA)
3-12: Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy (GBA)
3-16: Child of Light (WiiU)
3-18: 1942 (NES)
3-19: 10-Yard Fight (NES)
3-23: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (WiiU)

4-1: LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 (PS3)
4-3: Spy Muppets: License to Croak (GBA)
4-4: Powerpuff Girls: Bad Mojo Jojo (GBC)
4-5: Rayman 2 (GBC)
4-10: Warioland 4 (GBA)
4-27: Mega Man X4 (PS)

5-21: Guardian's Crusade (PS)

6-15: Commando (NES)
« Last Edit: June 15, 2016, 01:54:36 AM by nester » Logged
United States
Posts: 2516

« Reply #19 on: January 19, 2016, 05:38:16 PM »

January 26th: Saint's Row 2 PS3 (About 80% including side stuff thats not required, and main story done)
February 20th: Vanquish PS3 (Only on Casual)
July 3rd: Borderlands 2 (with my brother, 3 of the 4 expansions done)
July 26th: Diablo 3 (with my brother, and started the expansion so only 1 or 2 more sitdowns of 2-3 hours to get that done)
December 17th: Mafia II

I didn't play as many as I would have liked or beat, but it was nice to be able to play through 2 Co-op games with my brother.

My ranking of games I beat in 2016:

1. Mafia II

I was not expecting much out of this game going into it..... but it turned into one of my favorites of at least my PS3 games. I love the era that it takes place in, and I love mafia oriented stories. And I love the Film Noire era of movies which has many similarities to this game too. I recently saw this on a list of 10 games on some gaming site that are overlooked too often. The game also looks great still, it looks more recent than 2010 or 2011, when it came out one of those 2 years. And the best collectibles, nude Playboy bunny pics  razz Grin. And the story is as good as any mafia tale there is, no matter it be game or movie, its not as complex as say The Godfather, but it holds up as a good mafia story that could be in a movie too.

I will finish the list later.
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WWW Stats
« Reply #20 on: January 28, 2016, 04:25:20 PM »

26/01/16: Mortal Kombat X (PlayStation 4)
03/02/16: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)
10/02/16: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PlayStation 4)
29/03/16: Dragon Age: Inquisition (PlayStation 4)
31/03/16: Until Dawn (PlayStation 4)
05/05/16: Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends [Wu Campaign] (PlayStation 4)
08/06/16: Tropico 5 (PlayStation 4)
22/07/16: Transformers: Devastation (PlayStation 4)
28/09/16: StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (Mac)
16/11/16: Rebel Galaxy (PlayStation 4)

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セガ 信者
DB Reviewer
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« Reply #21 on: January 28, 2016, 05:03:38 PM »

Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade
Goat Simulator - All quests complete, 29/30 Achievements

Windows 10
Microsoft Mahjong - 3/3 Achievements, all puzzles clear (note: this is definitely not "mahjong"

Sony PlayStation Portable
Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA 2nd All songs complete on Hard Difficulty

Sony PlayStation 4
Destiny - The Taken King - Year 2 Moments of Triumph complete


OatBob in past years:
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it's thinking
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« Reply #22 on: January 29, 2016, 08:37:51 AM »

Nothing Sad

12 - Folklore  (PS3)
17 - The Deed (PC)
23 - Firewatch (PC)

20 - Life is Strange (PC)
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"Another exciting Canadian"

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« Reply #23 on: February 17, 2016, 12:09:18 PM »

Ok, I'll jump in. I suck at finishing games, but I do have one so far this year.

1) Chibi-Robo (Gamecube) - January 28th - Completed story.
2) Sid Meier's Ace Patrol (on Normal) - February 3rd
Tiger Gizmondo

Posts: 8

« Reply #24 on: March 13, 2016, 05:01:14 AM »

Here's what I've beaten so far (mostly duplicates of what I've beaten before, does that count?)
1. Contra (NES)
2. Contra 3 (SNES)
3. Final Fight 2 (SNES)
4. Mega Man 2 (NES)
5. Guns, Gore and Canolli (Xbox One)
6. Castle Crashers (Xbox One)
7. TMNT 4 (SNES)
Atari 7800
Posts: 510

« Reply #25 on: March 16, 2016, 06:59:35 AM »

Never thought I'd post here, as I usually beat games with cheats (or don't beat them at all, but...

1. Super Mario Land (GB)
I remember this game being longer and more difficult.  Great tunes, though.

Working on...

Bionic Commando (GB)

United States
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Awards: 2015 Fantasy Football Winner


Champion of
« Reply #26 on: April 23, 2016, 12:04:31 AM »

Huh, seems I never claimed a spot



DmC: Devil May Cry
Pokemon X (def not the first time, but I beat it)


Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright
Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Yo-Kai Watch

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Posts: 1458

« Reply #27 on: June 04, 2016, 01:01:05 AM »

Fallout 4
Dark Souls III NG++
Mega Man - NES
Metal Gear - NES
L.A. Noire
« Last Edit: June 24, 2016, 03:05:43 AM by Fokakis79 » Logged

Blog Writer
United States
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WWW Stats
« Reply #28 on: June 07, 2016, 09:13:13 AM »

Games Beaten

1. Until Dawn (PS4) April 30th, 2016
      :Really enjoyed this game. Basically the reason why I bought a PS4. Can't wait to play again near Halloween
2. Uncharted 2 (PS4 Collection) May 8th, 2016
      :Played this on easy mode and just enjoyed the story. Really liked where this one was going, hope 3 is just as good.
3. Transformers Devistation (PS4) June 5th, 2016
      : Man what a throwback to the 80's cartoon. Just love the art style and game play. Can't wait for the sequel.
4. Mortal Kombat X (PS4) June 12,2016
      : I really enjoyed the story mode in this. It was cool to see the story unfold and than jump into a battle.
no games beaten
5. Mighty Number 9 (PS4) August 27,2016
    : I don't know why everyone was hating on this game. I thought it was great. Played like a megaman game and was hard and you can make it harder if you wanted. Got it for $15 new at GameStop. Didn't want to pay $30 new for it, when it came out.
6. Kirby's Adventure (NES) November 13,2016
: played right through this one. Took a few hours but I stuck with it. Got a 71% on completion. Really enjoyed it.
7. Shadow Complex remastered (PS4) November 14,2016
: loved this game. I played on casual just to enjoy the story. Ended kinda fast I thought. But still missing some items so might go back and try to find more.
8 Uncharted 3 (Uncharted Collection) PS4 November 18, 2016
I think this was my favorite one. I sat down and played it for about 5 hours straight the first night. Really enjoyed the story of this one, and played on easy and only got stuck a few times. I enjoyed the last battle/escape than the one in Uncharted 2. That one I was stuck on for like 2 hours on the final boss.
9 Shantae Risky's Revenge (Originally GBA but on PS4) November 20th, 2016
I bought this one a few months back and never got around to playing it. I loved the one I got on the WiiU Shantae and the Pirates Curse and this one came before it. Really enjoyed it and would love to get a physical copy someday.
« Last Edit: November 20, 2016, 05:10:20 PM by russlyman » Logged

Now your playing with power!
United States
Posts: 415

WWW Stats
« Reply #29 on: June 14, 2016, 12:30:43 AM »

(Random order, probably forgot a lot)

  • Chrono Trigger PSX
    Shenmue DC
    Suikoden II (108 stars) PSN
    Red Dead Redemption PS3
    Uncharted 4 PS4 (5/21)
    Mega Man 8 PSN (6/12)
    Mega Man 9 PSN (6/12)
    Hotline Miami PSN (6/12)
    Mirror's Edge PSN (6/23)
    Sonic Adventure PSN (7/2)
    Sacred Citadel PSN (7/5)
    Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare PS3 (7/16)
    Thomas Was Alone PSN (7/29)

Working on:

  • FF7 (make barrett date cloud lulz)
    FF8 (all cards)
    FFX HD
    Talos Principle
    Shenmue II
    Blue Stinger
    Sonic Adventure 2
    Saints Row: Gat out of Hell PS3
    Grand Theft Auto PS1
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 PS4
    Little Big Planet 3 PS3
    Mickey Mouse V GB
    Yoshi's Island DS
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