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Posted on Jun 25th 2014 at 10:10:48 AM by (Fleach)
Posted under Community Playthrough, SNES, Chrono Trigger, RPG, Retro, Modern, PC, Indie, Minecraft, The Stanley Parable, Dear Esther, Gone Home

How has the summer been treating everyone? Sure, you can head to the beach and work on your tans, but why not join your friends here at RF Generation for some quality gaming?

Last month we had the special honour to play Suikoden on the PSX and Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2. All of the Playthrough hosts want to thank all of the participants to playing and completing two very heavy games.

July's retro side sees the RPG train steadily rolling on with the essential, and classic gamer favourite, Chrono Trigger. Considering the various platform supporting this game, how could we avoid this masterpiece?

Over on modern generation, if you're tired of the same old traditional gameplay and are looking for something that defies genre placement, then this month's Modern Community Playthrough is for you! We'll start off on our creative foot with an ongoing multiplayer experience in Minecraft where you can build anything you want on your own or with other RFGeneration members throughout the month, or just try to survive. Week 2 will be a mysterious game called Gone Home from The Fullbright Company. In week 3 we'll tackle the hilarious puzzle(?) game, The Stanley Parable. Dear Esther will finish it off, a very poetic and moving story told through a video game. Enjoy all these PC/Mac indie titles with the community this July!

There you have it! Classic JRPG greatness and current Indie Game hits. See you all in the discussions.

Retro Playthrough discussion thread

Modern Playthrough discussion thread

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That was quick, my suggestion to play Chrono Trigger was only a few days ago. I am glad you guys decided to go for it since I pointed out it was available on so many different consoles, and I hope a lot of us play it together and get some more input going in the forums again! I haven't ever played the game, so I am very excited to try another pure playthrough and gauge my feelings and experiences with everyone else.
I think you'll really like Chrono Trigger Boshamp. It's a great game and definitely well-deserving of the hype
I played Chrono Cross before I even heard of Chrono trigger, I was turned off of Cross because of the amount of recruitable characters and the lack of a direct storyline, but that didn't stop you guys from talking me into joining you all for Suikoden, right? Smiley I am sure I will love this game. I needed a reason to play the older stuff I own, and the community is the perfect way for me to turn off the xbox and stop whoring achievements...for a little while at least.
We're glad you are enjoying the playthroughs Boshamp and we hope that others on the site feel the same way about them. Adding the suggestion thread and including members to discuss games on the podcast were ways that we thought would make the experience much more communal. We are always open to ideas for games and also suggestions regarding how we might make the playthroughs themselves better. I think we struck a nerve with the games we selected for June and the record attendance was very satisfying to us. Thanks for the Chrono Trigger suggestion. See, dreams really do come true. Cheesy
*blows raspberry*
MAN.  This playthrough is going to be MEGA fun.

I wonder what will be next months?Huh??
A little late to the replies... We wanted to give you guys some games that are highly discussion worthy and fun. We also know how much everyone here loves SNES RPGs so when Chrono Trigger was suggested we knew what to pick.

As banana mentioned, we love hearing from you guys be it in the suggestion thread or in the individual game threads. RFGen is a great community and we wanted to do something to boost that communal vibe. We take note of all the game suggestions and playthrough comments so keep them coming!

I'm really looking forward to playing these games with my friends here on RFGen as they are some of my favourite experiences in modern gaming and RPG history.
glad to see some PC indie game love. Obviously I'm behind schedule, but I'll try to dig into some of them the remainder of this month. Doubtful I'll touch Minecraft though. Not sure I'll play that one enough to actually make buying it worth it to me.

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