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Posted on Dec 8th 2010 at 10:25:19 PM by (sunsetflip84)
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Hey this is my first foray here at RF Generation. Thought I might contribute to this place.

Alright here's the report. I hooked up my Gamecube and decided to pop in Wario Land in the old Game Boy Player. Farted around with the controls for a bit just to get the hang of things. Keeping in mind I haven't touched this game for....10+ or so years the rust was clearly apparent.

Apparently the Brown Sugar Pirates have stolen a solid gold statue in the guise of Princess Toadstool. After getting his butt handed to him by Mario in (SML 2), Wario's in need of a new castle and bags full of treasure.

(Game Play)
The first level is all about getting used to the controls and the various hats in the game. You get a selection of 3 hats to utilize when they appear by breaking bricks. You get the flying hat, dragon hat and the bull hat. Each one has various powers and uses to help you find hidden areas and treasures.

Although I only made it to the second world (Mt. Teapot) I already lost a few lives (thanks to the thwomp that chases you in the cave). But was making some progress finding the first hidden treasure (the horn). Wario Land sports some very interesting hidden areas increasing its replay value if you ignore them your first play through. The graphics are nice, big and cartooney with some nice variety in enemy sprites.

I only scratched the surface in this great game. With 8 worlds and 40 stages to get around you'll be risking lives and treasure just to see which ending you get at the final conclusion. That's one of the parts I loved about the game. Depending on how much treasure you accumulate the better your ending.

Final Verdict:
Pros: 8 worlds, 40+ levels, hidden areas, nice graphics

Cons: If you make an effort to get all the treasures and find all the areas, the replay
          value drastically drops.
Get this game!

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I love all the wario titles that I have played to date.  Haven't been disappointed yet.
I'm not crazy about the first Wario Land, but II and 3 are great.
Never played either sequel so I can't comment. But if they improved on the original (which I thoroughly enjoyed) they must be great games too.
Didn't Wario have an ungodly huge sprite in the first one?
Or was that the second or 3rd game?
Wario's sprite is rather big in the first one. Not sure of the others. I dig it though.
Wario is much bigger in 2 and 3.
Wario Land 4 is my fav, never able to find a copy though Sad

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