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Posted on Dec 10th 2010 at 10:11:33 PM by (sunsetflip84)
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The Castlevania Adventure[/u]

Fired up another GB game on the ol' Game Cube! Trying to get as far as I can playing as the forgotten Christopher Belmont. I'm a bit rusty as I haven't touched this game in quite a few months.

(Game Play)
And just like the first time I had some problems even getting the game going! Cleaned up the cart and after a few minutes it worked. Bah. So Belmont is slow. Very slow. His jumps are faster for pity's sake! The first level is pretty straight forward. The only hits I took was from the birds (pesky things).

Found the hidden area and powered-up. Netted 2 extra lives in the first level, I'll need them for later. The jumping portions of the game are just too unforgivable. Perhaps the programmers scaled back the speed of Belmont? Thus making the game more difficult?

Lost my first life on stage 2. The part where you cross the chasm by jumping on those platforms that fall. Ugh. Notice however that the backgrounds and the music are standard Konami fare (excellent). Stage 3 the trap area is the one that finally got me. The chasing spikes was too much for poor Belmont.

Pros: Great music, sound effects and graphics (for an original GB game)

Cons: Slow movement, whip downgrade when you're hit, very difficult platforming area

I say pass on this game!

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