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Posted on Dec 9th 2010 at 08:33:31 PM by (sunsetflip84)
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Alright RF Generation, back with another report.

(Game Play)
Had some trouble even getting the game to work on my Game Cube. Once I did get it going the nice intro greeted me to a nice title screen and sound track. Right off the bat one of the things that I love about the game is the customization of it.

You can choose the difficulty, stage, number of lives (up to 99!) and even turn the rapid fire on or off. Nicely done Konami. If only other shooters would accommodate us. I played the game of difficulty 2 (which must be hard) and set my lives to 3 and auto fire on.

Within the first 30 seconds I was obliterated. Ha,ha,ha! So I adjusted my strategy to gather as much speed in the early going and work my way up from there. I made it to the final area of stage 1 when I lost my last life. Wow.

One thing that struck me is how brutal the enemies are on difficulty 2. They don't wait to fire on you and they get in your face right away. Another thing, for a game boy game this cart packs some nice graphics. The enemy sprites are okay but mostly dark blots. The backgrounds are really sweet though.

My second attempt was much better. Same setup as before except I went to difficulty 1 and turned auto fire off. I didn't lose my first life until halfway into level 2. Not bad for not playing this game in a year or so!


Pros: Setup customization, nice backgrounds, excellent tunes

Cons: Only 5 stages, slowish ship movements

If you find it cheap, Get this game!
So RF Generation, any fond memories of Nemesis? Let me know!

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