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Posted on Sep 10th 2014 at 08:00:00 AM by (NES_Rules)
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It's that time of the month again! No, not that time, the good time where we thank all those awesome members of our wonderful little site that have helped to grow our most prized possession, the Database!
I'll start off thanking some names I didn't recognize, though they have been around the site since 2013, so thanks amprice5474 and josulli3 for becoming active and making over 100 submissions. And then there's a couple regulars, CoinCollector, Furnessly, and Sauza12 who also each made over 100 submissions. But the real butt-kickers in August were Shadow Kisuragi with over 500 submissions, ae.tc with over 700 submissions and ApolloBoy with nearly 1000 submissions. Thanks to all of you and everyone else who made a submission in August.

But we can't forget about our awesome staff members who work tirelessly to make sure all those submissions are being reviewed and approved. Izret101 and Tynstar each had almost 300 approvals. ApolloBoy had almost 800 and Shadow Kisuragi had almost 1000 approvals. Thanks guys for keeping the gears of the RFGen running smoothly and getting those submissions taken care of.

Posted on Jun 3rd 2014 at 05:07:50 PM by (NES_Rules)
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First off, I want to give a big "Thank You" to the 9 members who have taken the time to donate money to the site during our annual donation drive. So Thank You Tadpole13, Razor Knuckles, Raidou, Nupoile, Zagnorch, OatBob, and Wempster. Together you guys have raised over $600 to keep the site running. And unless someone tops your donation in the next couple days, you'll be receiving an ultra-rare gold colored NES game. If you're not one of these fine gentlemen, and want to help keep the site alive, you can send a PayPal donation to webmaster@rfgeneration.com or just click the little Donate icon at the bottom of this article. Either way, your contribution is only used for paying the hosting bill around here, which is around $100 each and every month. If you don't know how much to donate, donate whatever you can, whether its $5 or $5000, every little bit helps. But for reference, the average donation amount this year has been $77.21. I'm not saying you must donate that much, but if you want to conform to the standard, you probably should.

And of course, I must thank all of you out there that are PAINING YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS! In may, the most PAINED WITH SUBMISSIONS member was Zagnorch, with 2190 submissions. Next was ApolloBoy with over 1000 submissions, and each with over 500 submissions were Flee, MrMeek, Aeroc, and ae.tc. Thanks guys, you are obviously taking this competition seriously, and you should be. One of you is likely to walk away with another copy of that super-rare gold colored NES game.
If your name isn't listed here, don't worry, you can still win this thing. But you better get your butt moving, Zagnorch really wants that game, and you wouldn't want him to get it would you?

But don't forget about those poor souls who tirelessly sift through all those submissions to find the ones that are worthy of approving into the database. Without them, we'd have a database full of incorrect information and stolen images. May's biggest Approver was Shadow Kisuragi with an astounding 3468 approvals and who knows how many rejections. Next up was Tynstar with just shy of 1000, and ApolloBoy with 733. Thanks guys, you have been doing an awesome job at keeping that queue down this year, I only saw it above 100 once this year.

Thanks to everyone else who has contributed in May and during our annual contest so far. It really is true that every little bit helps. Whether its a page edit to fix a typo or a donation of $500, we truly appreciate it all.

Click the button, you know you want to.

Posted on Feb 4th 2014 at 01:28:14 PM by (NES_Rules)
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Looks like 2014 is already 1/12th over. Despite off and on connection issues, our dedicated members have been hard at work makin' those submissions. In fact, you guys made over 2600 submissions in January. Which is very commendable considering the sporadic outages we've been experiencing. And if those outages have been keeping you away from making submissions and from the site in general, I've got some good news for you. There will be more info once it's all done, but rest assured everything will be lightning fast again by the end of the month.

So who made all those submissions in January? Well, it was mostly ApolloBoy with 757 submissions! ericeskapade had over 400, and HungryMoose and Shadow Kisuragi each had over 200. And of course, there were another 63 members who together made another 1000 submissions. So thanks to all of you who helped out this January, I know it wasn't easy with the downtime and sluggish load times.

As always, I'd like to thank our dedicated submission-approving team that has to deal with all of those submissions every month. Our top approvers in January were Tynstar and Shadow Kisuragi with over 700 and over 400 approvals respectively. Paully3433 also had over 100 approvals in January.

Thanks again everyone, and if you've been putting off those submissions because of our site issues, be assured it will be getting better, but as always, good things take some time, so expect things to get speedier by the end of February, and possibly sooner, depending on how smoothly things go. We're definitely trying to roll out these changes as quickly as we can.

Posted on Jan 1st 2014 at 06:39:36 PM by (NES_Rules)
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Happy New Year! Its hard to believe another year has come and gone, and just as I was getting used to dating stuff with 2013...

2013 wasn't an easy year for RFGeneration, with temporary outages and performance issues have been occasionally plaguing us the last couple months, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. Luckily for us, things don't have to be so easy when you have hundreds of awesome members helping out. With so many people each doing a small share, we no longer have to employ a dozen children in China to fill in the tedious information. But who needs them when you have slaves members who will work for free? Kidding aside, we really do appreciate all the work every one of you do here at the site. Whether its just a small page edit to fix a typo or adding every game for a system that's been neglected.

And boy, did we ever have a lot of submissions in 2013. How many, you ask? 44,373 total submissions if you must know. The best part of that IMO is that more than half were images, which are always awesome to have more of.

So, who submitted the most this year? It was our very own DB Reviewer, Bildtstar with a truly astounding 5542 submissions this year, that averages out to more than 15 submissions every single day in 2013. I tip my hat to you sir, and I suggest everyone else does so as well.

Up next, we have DB Editor ApolloBoy with 3909 submissions. Thanks man, you've been here since week #6 and have made over 20,000 submissions over the years, more than all but one other member.

Next is a fairly new member, joining in only November, he has somehow managed to rack up 3331 submissions. Keep up the pace Kaysow, and you'll do just fine here.

And our last member to get over 3000 submissions this year, the world famous Crabmaster2000. Somehow, between shoveling a mountain of snow 9 months out of the year, co-hosting the greatest podcast of all time, and running his own store, this man has managed to make 3280 submissions this year.

As an honorable mention, I'd also like to thank Shadow Kisuragi not only for his 2910 submissions this year, but for his tireless and never ending work on keeping the site running. He and bickman2k are out there every day in the code trenches fighting bugs as well as trying to bring new functions and features to the site.

But that's not everyone, I'd also like to thank the following people for making over 1,000 submissions in 2013. Tynstar, ericeskapade, CoinCollector, thegreatska, Sirgin, and Razor Knuckles.  And thanks to the other 240 of you who made another 14,500 submissions.

If you're sad that your name isn't listed here, there is a simple solution, just submit more. Its simple to do and is even a bit addictive. Start out simple with the games you know well and then move onto things you're less familiar with.

And if every game page you look at it is full on information and pictures but you still want to help out, there is always the option to help us out financially. We haven't started our annual donation drive yet, but that doesn't mean you can't beat the crowds and get that donation in early. Just hit the button below and chip in a few bucks.

Posted on Jun 3rd 2013 at 09:35:32 PM by (NES_Rules)
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Over 8000 submissions this month? What could have possibly created such a huge influx of submissions? Maybe it has to do with that contest thing going on. Yeah, that's probably it. With the awesome prizes, I don't see how anyone could resist making hundreds of submissions, or in Crabmaster's case, thousands of submissions...

Apparently, Crabmaster really wants another RFGen T-shirt and his choice of a game valued up to $60. Because he was the top submitter in May with 3,272 submissions. But, if you want that shirt and game, there's still hope for you in the contest. You have until June 8th to make more submissions.

Crabmaster isn't the only competition this year though, plenty of people have been kicking butt this month. Rounding out the top ten this month for submissions we have Bildtstar, Madir, ApolloBoy, ericeskapade, Tynstar, Izret101, ixtaileddemonfox, Shadow Kisuragi, and Addicted.

As always, all those submissions would just sit in submission limbo without our crack team of reviewers. The top reviewers this month were Tynstar, Bildtstar, and Shadow Kisuragi.

So thanks to everyone who has submitted and reviewed submissions this month.

And if you're wondering what your odds are of winning the contest, I'm not telling you. But I will let you know who is winning, but you'll just have to guess how far behind you are from the leader. And if you want to win, just keep those submissions coming, you've got a few days, which is actually enough time to make enough submissions to win. You may have to give up some sleep and food, but you can still submit while you're using the toilet, we won't even know the difference.

The ten members with the highest scores as of this writing are as follows: Crabmaster2000, techwizard, Bildtstar, ericeskapade, ixtaileddemonfox, Zagnorch, Madir, Addicted, h1ghw1nd, and A8scooter. If that's you, then congrats, you're doing pretty good so far. But if you want to do better or if your name has a "2000" in it, you should keep those submissions coming in, you never know when you'll get passed up in this intense competition. And if your name is absent from that list, you still have a shot, don't be discouraged (hint: screenshots are a great way to get a ton of points). That T-shirt can still have anyone's name on it at this point!

Posted on Jan 12th 2013 at 03:44:49 PM by (NES_Rules)
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Well, we made it, the Mayans were wrong and we survived December 2012, we'll say it was because you guys were kicking butt in making submissions. Surely, the world couldn't end with so much being done to the DB, it just wouldn't have been fair. December was the fifth straight month of increasing total submissions. And this was our best December since we started keeping track of submissions in 2006. And it goes without saying that it was so much better than what happened last December.

So what were the 5175 submissions in December you ask? Most were actually images, over 1600 to be exact. And boy do we love getting images. So who made all those image submissions? Quite a few people actually, but the majority were submitted by ericeskapade.

But of course he wasn't alone in the war on empty DB entries, the other top 10 submitters in December were Paully3433 (1444), ericeskapade (619), Sirgin (493), Shadow Kisuragi (314), Bildtstar (260), thegreatska (170), aeroc (158), CoinCollector (157), ApolloBoy (126), and raffa1985 (123). Thanks guys, you did an awesome job!

And of course we have to give some recognition to our tireless staff that approves all those non-staff submissions. In December, with over 100 approvals we had Paully3433, Shadow Kisuragi, and Izret101.

So you're all pretty familiar with what can happen in a month's time here, but you ever think of how much gets done in an entire year? Well, its roughly 12 times as much Tongue In 2012, there were 59,374 submissions! Over 27,000 of those were images, over 12,000 new DB entries were added.

The top 10 submitters for 2012 each had over 2,000 submissions, with the top spots having 2-3 times that many. The top 10 submitters for 2012 were, Crabmaster2000, aeroc, Paully3433, Shadow Kisuragi, Sirgin, Tynstar, NES_Rules, raffa1985, Bildtstar, and ApolloBoy.

And the top staff reviewers, each with over 6000 reviews, Shadow Kisuragi, Paully3433, NES_Rules, Tynstar. Thanks to all of you who have submitted in 2012, December, or any time in the past. Every submission, however minor or seemingly insignificant helps us out. And if you haven't made any submissions, then what are you waiting for? Its really easy to get started and we have a wonderful staff and members that will help you out with everything from the most basic questions to the incredibly advanced.

I have one more "thanks" to give before I end this. And that goes to Shadow Kisuragi for going through and fixing dozens of little errors that have been occurring on the site. Some of them have been around for as long as I can remember, and I'm sure most of the RFG veterans, like me, don't even notice them anymore. But once all these bugs are squashed, we'll be able to actually focus on bringing new features to the site!

And lastly, I'd like to remind everyone of the Donation Drive currently in progress. The official Drive will end on February 1st, so if you want to get in on the action, you have a couple weeks to help out. By donating, you not only help keep us alive, you'll also be eligible for some sweet prizes, click here for more information. As of this writing, we're about 42% of the way to our goal, so don't be shy and toss a few bucks our way, you'll feel good and we'll still be here!

Posted on Dec 7th 2012 at 10:55:13 AM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
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Welcome to December, everyone. For those that celebrate it (including our Canadian members), I hope your Thanksgiving left you full and happy. Congrats to those that were able to take advantage of Black Friday here in the US, and for the rest of the world, enjoy the upcoming holidays.

It looks like our members were able to feast on things other than turkey this month. We were able to increase over last month's submissions by 1317 submissions, leaving us just under 5000 at 4977. A large number of these were in the Game Addition and Variation categories. Large shoutout to Paully, Sirgin and Bildtstar for their efforts on those fronts!

Way out in front his month is Paully3433 with 1600 submissions! He's been adding large chunks of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation games to the database, so let's give him a hand for his hard work.

Further down the list, with 1/3 of Paully's number, is Bildtstar with 547, Shadow Kisuragi with 513, Sirgin with 452, and Izret101 with 317. Looks like the staff has been busy!

Top 5 Submitters - November 2012
Paully3433 - 1600
Bildtstar - 547
Shadow Kisuragi - 513
Sirgin - 452
Izret101 - 317

Top 5 Submitters (Non-staff) - November 2012
techwizard - 303
Sauza12 - 207
singlebanana - 138
ixtaileddemonfox - 88
CoinCollector - 70 (Thanks for the Steam submissions, and the humorous comments!)

Keep up the good work everyone! Many of the staff edits that we're working on are for a very specific reason - I'll reveal this in another announcement later, but the changes mainly affect folks living in Europe and modifications to our region policies for Europe.

I'll be reading the threads this month, eager to see what everyone receives for gifts, especially those involves in the Secret Santa this year. Last year's Secret Santa was amazing, and I hope to see it topped this year! Enjoy your holidays everyone.

Posted on Nov 1st 2012 at 08:49:33 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Now that the spookiest month of the year is over its time to check in on the submissions yet again!

Apparently you guys have started slacking off on your school work now since you were able to get a few hundred more submission in than last month bringing the total for October to a nice big 3660 total submissions.

Possibly to commemorate his one year anniversary on the site Bildstar was the top submitter by a good margin. Thanks so much for putting in the time to expand our PAL submissions!

Hot on Bildstar's heels was our very own Database Editor, who also shares an October anniversary here at rfgen, Paully3433!

And to round out the top 5 we had members Shadow_Kisuragi, singlebanana and ixtaileddemonfox who were able to pry themselves away from their Sega consoles, Pinball machines, and High School Musical games and each slam down some serious submissions for the month.

Shadow and Paully each took the brunt of the approvals in too, with both members approving over 600 submissions each.

Great month guys!!

Posted on Oct 20th 2012 at 06:00:14 PM by (bickman2k)
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This is just a little different than the typical "RFG Thanks for (insert month/year)".

I was going through some of my old blog entries and I found one I wrote as an open letter to the community. It was written 3 years after joining, but a mere 2 months after I really began to get involved with the community.

As I sit here now, my son is playing Pokepark on the Wii as I look at my TI-99/4A that I need to test so I can sell it. There have been a lot of changes for me personally as well as for the site in the time since that blog post. I have gone from grabbing everything in sight to being selective and selling off stuff that I have just to have it. I'm now a director on the site. We had a pretty big disaster on the site that easily could have been the end of the site potentially. I recovered what I could with what I had, losing a couple of years worth of forum posts and maybe 6 weeks of database submissions.

The forum was slow to come back, but here we are. We have a bunch of new members and old members who have returned. We have new bloggers and a new podcast. We are nearing in on 70,000 software entries and 5,000 hardware entries! We have a new server with more power and drive space for us to grow with! And we have continued to do so with just the support of the community and their donations. We have no plans to be sold or put up ads.

We're doing this on our own. I see and hear things happening elsewhere that I never want anything to happen here. We want you to communicate to us and let us know about any issues you have or any ideas to make things better. Together, we'll continue to get better as well as grow.

What this all boils down to is... thanks. Without the passion of the community, we wouldn't be here. Thanks to the bloggers for writing about your perspective. Thanks to all of the staff for your work on keeping that submission queue low. Thanks to everyone who was here before me who started the site right. Lastly, thanks to every member for making this a great place to be, day after day.

And as always, keep it on channel 3!

Posted on Sep 18th 2012 at 01:36:52 PM by (NES_Rules)
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Well, this is a bit late, but better late than never right?
August was another solid month for submissions here at RFGeneration. Our wonderful members made a total of 2,962 submissions in August, 866 of those were images and 500 title additions! While it wasn't our best month, its still certainly something to be proud of, there's not many sites out there that get over 800 images in a month during a good month, let alone a slow one. And its all done for you, by you guys, the community.

So who submitted the most this month? That was ApolloBoy with 1074 submissions. Shadow Kisuragi, Techie413, Sirgin, and aeroc all also had over 100 submissions during August.

And of course, we can't forget about our dedicated team of reviewers. The top reviewers in August were Shadow Kisuragi, Paully3433, and NES_Rules, each with over 100 reviews.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in August, now get to submitting even more for September. We're on track for 50,000 submissions this year, but let's see if we can get 60,000!

Posted on Jun 1st 2012 at 11:38:00 AM by (NES_Rules)
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Holy Submissions Batman!
May 2012 was a truly astonishing month for submissions, there were 15,045 total submissions in May, yes you read that right, its over FIFTEEN THOUSAND! To put that in perspective, that's about five times the average submissions each month. And with that huge number of submissions, it also means that we have set a new record for most submissions in one month. The record was last set in October 2011 when we had 12,524 submissions.
Now you're probably wondering why we had such a huge number of submissions this month. Well, I'm not too sure, but I think it may have something to do with the PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS CONTEST going on right now. If you don't know what that's all about, you should probably check out the front page more often, its been going on since April 28th and will end on June 8th, so there is still some time to get your submissions and potentially win the contest! And yes, it is still possible to win at this stage of the contest, everyone loves a come-from-behind win at the last moment.

So you probably want to know who has been busting their humps make those 15,000 submissions in just 31 days. I'll tell you, its certainly not a short list, almost 70 people have contributed over the month to reach this record setting month of submissions. Some people made just one submission and others like Crabmaster2000 made 6234 submissions.
Crabmaster2000, of course, is the top submitter for May and rounding out the rest of the Top 10 we have Aeroc, disloyalhead, Tynstar, raffa1985, NES_Rules, nupoile, CoinCollector, blcklblskt, and Sirgin.
And of course, to review those 15,000 submissions we have our dedicated staff members to approve those things, and let me tell you, it was a ton of work reviewing that many submissions. It was not uncommon for there to be 500-1000 submissions in queue at a time because they were simply coming in faster than we could look at them. Tynstar was the biggest contributor in getting those submission reviewed with 5181 approvals. Other top reviewers were NES_Rules, Paully34333, Shadow Kisuragi, ApolloBoy, and OatBob.
So a great big Thanks goes out to all the submitters and reviewers this month for making May 2012 the best month ever for RF Generation in submissions.

But wait, there's more! I know what you're thinking, "OK, there were 15,000 submissions, but what were they?" well, I'll tell you what the majority of them were. And they weren't just simple page edits filling in Release Types, which while incredibly important, is not all that fascinating to look at. Instead, the vast majority of these submissions were images! In particular, screenshots. Over 10,000 screenshots and 1,000 scans were added to the DB over the course of May. These screenshots covered everything from NES to Wii, from North America to Japan and Europe, just about every section got some new images.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed in May and in the past. If you haven't contributed, what are you waiting for? There's still time to win the contest and help out THE Classic and Modern Video Game Database! Maybe we can break the record again in June?!

Posted on Apr 2nd 2012 at 03:55:03 PM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
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Welcome to April, everyone. It looks like a few of you thought we'd be exclusively moving to Android platforms.

Yes, the otter has made its triumphant return. While Android is taking the mobile market by storm, we'll always make an attempt to provide everyone with ways to access RFGeneration.

Last month saw the European sector flooding the site with submissions. It's always nice to see some of our more neglected pages getting some love, and you guys have certainly been keeping us busy with over 2200+ submissions. The following people gave us over 100 submissions for the month of March:

Members with 100+ Submissions:
Sirgin                       673
Duke.Togo              321
africangrey            230
Alabama-Shrimp  113

Staff with 100+ Submissions:
Bildtstar                 737
Shadow Kisuragi   505
raffa1985               374
NES_Rules             316
Madir                      235
ApolloBoy              179
ga5ket                    130
blcklblskt               106

Staff with 100+ Approvals:
Shadow Kisuragi   1080
NES_Rules              772
Madir                       129
ApolloBoy               112
Paully3433             110

As a public service announcement, we have been working with our European members to properly update our European database with the correct regions. I would HEAVILY suggest that our European members audit their collections to verify that their collections match the information stated on the Game Info pages. If the information doesn't match, please feel free to submit a Game Variation for the title with the proper information, or contact us in the Announcements and Feedback Forum for any information you may need. If you have not read it yet, this blog announcement contains information on how to sort out region information pertaining to many consoles.

Thanks again for all of your support in making RFGeneration what it is, and keep it on your Android device Channel 3!

Posted on Feb 15th 2012 at 12:00:00 AM by (NES_Rules)
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Important note: As most of you reading this now know, we were hacked in February and had our databases deleted. And thanks to our fantastic staff of programmers, bickman2k, TraderJake, and St0rmTK421, we were able to recover most of our DB info. Unfortunately, we still lost two entire month's worth of submissions. Which in the grand scheme of things isn't a ton of information, but I know everyone that added anything to our DB in that time feels the pain of losing it. And I apologize for this loss and everyone should know that we're taking measures now so that a loss of information like this won't happen again.

So, thanks to dsheinem's blog post on how to recover our lost blog entries, here is December 2011's RFG Thanks. Now, keep in mind that everything mentioned here is now absent from the DB, but we still appreciate the hard work you put in in not only in December but also January for which an RFG Thanks had not been written when the site went down.

Can you believe that not only has another month come and gone, but another year? Time is just flying by and we're trying our best to keep up with all the submissions this month and year.
December 2011 saw an excellent 3,491 submissions, which just goes how many of our members would rather spend time working on our DB than spending time with their families during the holiday season. The biggest of our submitters in December was Bildstar with an incredible 1,476 submissions, almost half of the month's total! Rounding out the top five submitters, all with over 100 submissions were Shadow Kisuragi, blcklblskt, raffa1985, and NES_Rules. Thank you guys for making this a great end to 2011 and thanks to everyone else who submitted during the last month of 2011.
And of course, we have to thank our excellent staff of dedicated reviewers, especially our top reviewers, Shadow Kisuragi and Paully3433 with 1648 and 737 approvals respectively.

Now, you've seen what our staff and members have been up to month to month, but you're probably curious what we've done all year long. And its nothing short of amazing. Our group of members and staff from across the world have made 52,058 submissions this year! That's an average of one submission every ten seconds!

Of the 236 people who made a submission in 2011, there are obviously some who stand out from the crowd, in all, there were 13 people who made over 1000 submissions. And they are Tynstar (12,102 submissions), Shadow Kisuragi (4,517), Izret101 (4,029), aeroc (3,783), blcklblskt (2,996), Bildstar (2,583), NES_Rules (2,444), y2richie (2,254), raffa1985 (2,100), ApolloBoy (1,884), Necron99 (1,390), Fuyukaze (1,085), and ixtaileddemonfox (1,009). Thank you all, you are what makes RF Generation so special!

If you don't see your name up, why not try to get it up for 2012? As long as the world doesn't end before 2013, you'll get to see your name up here on the front page if you make enough submissions. And even if you don't make the list, you can still know that your submissions are appreciated and your name will forever be listed on the game's page.

And on a final note, I'd like to announce a new member of the staff. You can bet he was on of our top submitter's in 2011 and has a special knack for that 64-bit Nintendo console. That's right, none other than blcklblskt is now on staff as a DB Contributor. His first mission is to get that N64 section of the DB fleshed out and squeaky clean, so wish him luck, or better yet, why not help him out and make a few submissions for the N64 section!

Posted on Nov 1st 2011 at 09:18:50 PM by (NES_Rules)
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I hope everyone survived their Halloween night  and didn't get too scared. While yesterday may have been frightening, October certainly wasn't scaring away our submitters this month. Not only did we have a good month here at RFGeneration, we had a record breaking month at RFGeneration! That's right, in October 2011, we had more submissions in one month than any other since we starting tracking submissions in November 2006. Our previous record was in May of this year with an amazing 9,587 submissions. So you better believe this month was OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!! In fact, RFG members made an astounding 12,790 submissions in just 31 days. Thank you to all of you who made that happen.

Now, we normally try to not single out any particular member for their submissions since they are all important in their own way, but this month special credit is due to Tynstar. Because, you see, 10,000 of the monthly submissions were made by him. That's right, in one month he alone submitted more than our entire community in any other month. He even celebrated his 7th year at RFGeneration this month, so its especially nice to see someone who has been around for so long still so active in the database. So if you see Tynstar around on the forums or in person give him a pat on the back, he really deserves it.

For the rest of you, you won't be overshadowed by Tynstar's accomplishments. There were 72 other members who made submissions this month, so thanks goes out to all of you. The rest of members who made 100 or more submissions in October was Shadow Kisuragi, Izret101, Necron99, ixtaileddemonfox, NES_Rules, douglie007, and raffa1985.
And of course, we have our dedicated team of submission reviewers, who have to sift through the thousands of submissions every month. Our top reviewers were Shadow Kisuragi, Tynstar, and Paully3433.

If you're wondering what all these fine people were making so many submissions for, they were adding 884 images, adding 222 games, adding 50 hardware pieces, and editing 11,418 game pages.

Thanks everyone who made this record breaking month happen.

Posted on Mar 1st 2011 at 02:50:38 PM by (NES_Rules)
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I know what you're thinking, the last edition of RFG Thanks was for March, and this one is for February. But don't worry, we didn't travel back in time (I didn't anyway, I don't know about you), it really has been 11 months since the last one. And I do apologize for that, you guys are what make this site possible, the members that make the submissions and the staff members that review them and make their own. And the least I can do is thank you all for the work you do here at RF Generation.

Now, without further ado, the stars of RF Generation! The top five submitters in February were Y2richie, Fuyukaze, ApolloBoy, NES_Rules and Shadow Kisuragi. Together, these people made over 1,300 submissions, with y2richie and Fuyukaze making an astounding 466 and 408 of those respectively. Thanks guys, you've all done an excellent job!

But that's only one side of the story, without our team of highly skilled and trained staff reviewers, none of those submissions would have done anything other sit in queue. These staff members each approved over 100 submissions in February: Fuyukaze, ApolloBoy, NES_Rules, and Izret101. As always, you guys are awesome and the backbone of RF Generation!

Though these members were the top submitters and reviewers in February, they are not alone. This site is a group project and can only be complete with the help of every member, whether its a small page edit or submitting a thousand images. So thanks goes out to the other 54 members who made at least one submission in February.

With the help of all RFG members, in February there were a total of 1,813 submissions, with 1178 of those being images. 139 new titles were added to the DB, and 372 pages were edited. I'd say that's a good month, and it was the shortest month of the year!

And finally, I'd like to mention that I won't be the only one writing these anymore. Instead, a team of writers from the Blog staff will be taking turns to help ensure that they continue each and every month. If you want to know who else will be writing these, you'll just have to keep it tuned to Channel 3 to find out.

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