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Posted on Feb 12th 2008 at 08:59:46 AM by (Tondog)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Half Life 1 Anthology, CDi, The Orange Box, OatBob, Headcrabs, HAIL NIHILANTH

Why hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tony. You may recognize me from many blog articles here on RF Generation, and as the resident Sony Fanboy on the forums. However today I am entering a brave new world: the weekly features! Run for cover, hide the children, and lock the doors, because this week we are being invaded by Headcrabs, Vortigaunts, and Bullsquids. That's right, our featured game is Half-Life.

Oh but since I'm doing the features, we have to make this huge (like my ego)! Why not include all the expansion packs and one of my favorite online games ever while we're at it? So, that's why we are featuring Half-Life 1 Anthology for the PC. This package bundles together the original Half-Life, the brillant expansion packs (Opposing Force and Blue Shift), and the ridiculously fun Team Fortress Classic. Think of this as an old-school version of Valve's recently released Orange Box, but without a kickass puzzle game. If you've been reading the Gaming Diary thread in the forum, you'll notice that I've been slowing making my way through the Half-Life series again and am really enjoying the experience so far. Now, Half-Life is out of print, but thankfully you can track it down (sans expansion packs) on Playstation 2, (legalishly) on Dreamcast, or you can get it on Steam.

Let's take the featured hardware in a totally different direction. This week, the featured hardware is the Philips CDI 910. I've always wanted to see the CD-i featured since it has brought us so many classics like Hotel Mario (and the , , and the whole YouTube Poop thing.

What about the featured image, you ask? Why don't we keep the trend alive and feature the cover image for last year's smash-hit compilation The Orange Box for the Xbox 360? If you were paying attention earlier on in this article, you might figure out that The Orange Box is a compilation, just like our featured game of the week. However, The Orange Box bundles together Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal, and Team Fortress 2 into one great value of a game. Also, don't think that you can only get this little joyful bundle of sunshine in video game form on the 360, because it's also on the PC and the Playstation 3.

And finally, the featured collection this week belongs to someone who has never played Half-Life becuase he's too busy going nuts over Halo. Who might this be? Well it's none other than our friend OatBob! He's got a very extensive collection of all sorts of games for various systems, but he has a soft spot in his heart for the Dreamcast, the same system Half-Life got cancelled on. In fact, that soft spot has led to him having a goal of collecting every single US Dreamcast game and all of their variants. While he has that nice Dreamcast collection, he needs to play our featured game of the week...really badly. If he doesn't, I might just send Nihilanth after him.

So, my first time doing features has come to a close. I enjoyed it and maybe I'll do it again in the future, that is if you'll let me. Cheesy

Until next time...Channel 3...leave it on there. There's some good stuff coming up.

Posted on Feb 5th 2008 at 08:08:51 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Rez, N2O, Nitrous Oxide, Neo Geo Pocket Color, NGPC, sharp, synesthesia

This week we get to play another game, YAY!  The surprise is that this game is so much more.  You'll see and hear bright colors, and touch the music, as it pulses to your head.  You too can experience synesthesia, and you won't need sex or drugs to get there.  Rez is a shooter like no other.  Hold the fire button and aim at multiple targets to lock on, but releasing it will destroy them in sequence with the music.  The background oscillates with to the music, and whatever haptic feedback device you're using will also pulse to the music; be it the controller in your hands, a secondary controller in your lap, or the trance vibrator in your pocket or resting under the sole of your foot.  Level up and your wire-frame man will gain polygons, and guide him through the techno landscape of cyberspace to free 'eden' from the system.

The Neo Geo Pocket Color catches our eye as this week's hardware feature.  Sure, color portables have existed before this, but SNK's experience with arcade gaming ensures we can bring those bright, flashy, and intense hues with us anywhere we go. 

The featured image this week comes from yet another colorful game.  N2O Nitrous Oxide is a tube shooter along the likes of Tempest or Gyruss.  Where it deviates is its use of bright colors and hypnotizing soundtrack.  Don't play it too long though, as you'll end up with tunnel vision for some time afterwards.

Finally, our featured collection belongs to sharp, a member of the RFgen community who's been here from almost the beginning.  This Nederlander has a lot of games for SNK systems, showing that gaming exists beyond Sega, Nintendo, and other modern parties.

Until next time, stay tuned to channel 3...

Posted on Jan 29th 2008 at 02:16:41 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Suda51 is God, No More Heroes, Killer 7, Tondog

Look to the right. Why, it's the box for No More Heroes, the Suda51 game of pure awesome. Think I am lying? Why not buy yourself the game? In fact, in the RF Generation realm, this week is now known as "Go Buy No More Heroes Damnit!" Week. Seriously. Stop reading this newspost,  drive to your favorite video game seller, and buy the game. If you don't own a Wii you may want to consider purchasing one to go with No More Heroes. Not sure what a Wii looks like? If you said yes to that last question, where the hell have you been? It prints money! We forgive you though, and we've made the Nintendo Wii our featured hardware to ensure that you know what to look for when you buy a Wii to accompany No More Heroes. Still reading this? What is wrong with you? Seriously. Go buy the game. Play as Travis Touchdown, be the best damn assassin in the world. Good times to be had.

So, if you are still on the fence about getting this game, then I suggest you talk to the person who currently has the featured collection. His name is Tony, and he really likes No More Heroes. Furthermore, he really likes Grasshopper Manufacture, and has a man crush on Suda51. Who can blame him though? Look at our featured image, for Killer 7. Certainly, another Suda51 masterpiece. Tony certainly has great taste, except for his Sony fetish. But, look at the pipeline. LittleBigPlanet. Echochrome. A possible price drop. Perhaps his fetish is not so bad. Perhaps you might be joining in his fetish in the not too distant future. Regardless, check out his collection, and be sure to bombard him with questions regarding No More Heroes if my Overview and Review are insufficient.

FEATURES! BUY NO MORE HEROES! BUY IT FOR YOUR FRIENDS! And that is all, until next time, keep it tuned to channel three.

Posted on Jan 20th 2008 at 06:17:45 PM by ([Tan:realName])
Posted under Weekly Features, Site News, Xbox

So this week I thought I'd indulge myself and do a feature on one of my all-time favorite games: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

Think of this series as Thief in the 21st century. An ex-Navy S.E.A.L. turned spy nearing the age of retirement, gallivanting all over the world stopping threats and assassinating potential ones. Decades of experience matched with sophisticated gadgetry and weapons, combined with sarcastic humor and deadly earnest.

Another comparison often made is to the Metal Gear Solid series. Best way to describe that is if MGS is an arcade stealth game, Splinter Cell is a stealth sim. Burnout versus Forza Motorsports if you would. Achieving perfect scores on level completions is difficult even on normal difficulty, Hard and Elite are almost impossible to anyone but the most patient and skilled players. With the game being so unforgiving and the circumstances ever-changing, you have to rely on your reflexes and abilities as a player, not memory of patterns and timing, to master this game.

The Limited Collector's Edition version of this game was a holy grail of mine to find. Unlike many similar LE's of it's time, this one was actually limited. Meaning there are fewer copies of this than the regular version and no reprinting. Needless to say it's a hard game to find in excellent condition as opposed the the regular version of Chaos Theory which is a dime a dozen in most used stores and can still be bought new.

Be sure to check out my review on the game page here at RF Generation and read the interesting trivia on this title, and discuss this game in our forums in the weekly featured game topic located here.

Moving on, the featured hardware of the week is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3. Released in 1982, the ZX Spectrum or "Speccy" as it's affectionately known, was a huge success in Europe and in particular the United Kingdom. Rivaling the mighty Commodore 64, this machine had a huge following, large software library and several magazines dedicated to it. Even to this day there is still a large community based around this system. A shame it never made it overseas, it has an incredible library of games most of us outside of Europe will probably never have the opportunity to enjoy. Although we did get the Timex Sinclair in North America, it was largely incompatible with the ZX and that had a large part to play in it's failure as a platform here.

This particular model featured this week, the +3, differs from the standard model and the +2, by having a built in floppy disk drive instead of the cassette tape drive the previous models had. It is also capable of running the CP/M operating system on it's own.

Such benefits however come with a price. This model has some documented incompatibilities with certain older games and external devices. It's successor the +2A shares these same problems as well. Thanks go out to James for the great pic of the +3.

Our featured collection this week is from RedHerring. A fellow Canadian one province over from me, Red has a great PS2 collection and some really great looking shelving that I'd love to get my hands on. It looks like a game store all organized and there for the picking like that. I wish my shelves looked half as good as those do. Between that and the novelty hamburger you can see by checking out Red's other pics, I'm drooling all over my keyboard here.

So after finishing an early lunch brought on by some spontaneous hankerings born from inspiration, I'm ready to finish the rest of this feature I left half written Tongue

Another part of Red's collection that impresses me is his Game Boy Advance collection. It's hard finding those games CIB and even harder keeping them in good condition. All of his GBA titles are top notch hand-picked titles and make an impressive display.

Check out RedHerring's collection listed here and take a gander at his pictures. If you can pry your eyes from that huge novelty hamburger in one of them, take a moment and appreciate his Mega man bobble head set on his entertainment center.

Our featured game image this week is the front scan for the Japanese game Pulstar on the Neo Geo AES system. Pulstar is a shmup released in 1995 that was both innovative and gorgeous at the time of it's release. Gameplay is in the vein of R-Type but with 3D graphics in a 2D game.

This game enjoys a high production value and great esteem from gamers, reviewers and collectors alike. Depending on where you get it, this can be a pricey acquisition but a worthy one that can reach well above $100. But if you own a Neo Geo system then you don't need me to tell you that now do you? I'm sure all the Neo Geo AES collectors out there are well aware of what they've invested in that system. Goes to show just how great a system it is when your willing to spend big bucks to have these awesome games. Thanks go out to Adri Hoogesteger who is a staff member known on the boards as "sharp" for the great scan featured this week.

In the meantime, check out the forums, read the blogs, partake in the weekly chat and use our collection tools to their fullest. And stay tuned to this channel next week for the newest set of features and items for forum discussion.


Posted on Jan 8th 2008 at 01:10:50 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Weekly Features, Site News, Dark Cloud, Playstation 2

So, it's simple, I guess. Almost too easy. Want your collection to be featured? All you need to do is upload some collection photos and voila! You're instantly in the running for a featured collection. That said, let's talk about gorez's collection. As we can see from his photos and collection profile, gorez is primarily a Genesis collector, followed by the PS2. He also owns both the Featured Game and the greatest hits version of the Featured Image. Now only if he owned the Featured Hardware, or as we like to call it, the George Foreman Grill. It's black, it's beastly, and unlike the current models this PS3 has not be neutered. Or spayed. Hell, we'll just call the new models castrated. Such a strong word. That said, gorez has entered the current generation in the Microsoft camp, with his 360. I bet his favorite game is Sneak King. That or Viva Pinata. Who knows, certainly not me.

So, the featured game is Dark Cloud 2. It apparently is a good game. I couldn't tell you though, as I have not played it, but my brother has, and he has a wonderful review written. Check that out.

So, features. Huhzah! Stay tuned to see what new features we have next week.

Posted on Dec 25th 2007 at 12:57:55 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Ridge Racer 6, Namco, Nyko, Charge Station 360, Toy Commander, Tondog, WINNER

I don't know about the rest you, but I tend to be dragged down around this time of year.  Being home from school, the cold, the snow, and being around family a little too much drains the life from me.  Fortunately I always find the time to get a lot of gaming in, and that, my friends, is what shines this geeks soul.  I've been playing a lot of Ridge Racer 6 alone, Halo 3 and Gears of War when I'm with my brother, and some Wii Sports bowling with my parents.  Since I haven't gotten my dad to play a game with me since NHL '96 was new, I consider this a breakthrough.

Since it is the holidays, I'll try and keep this short so y'all can get back to your lives.  Ridge Racer 6 is the featured game this week.  Lots of drifting, and simple gameplay keep the disc spinning in my 360.  It can be had for a bargain price now, and is worth a try if you're a fan of the series.

My brother was kind enough to give me an early present, NYKO's Charge Station 360.  Rechageable batteries, and battery packs are a must in this new generation of wireless gaming.  3rd party?  It doesn't seem to matter much.  These batteries fit snugly and do the job.

Remember playing with remote control cars and airplanes when you were a kid.  Well you can play with them again in
Toy Commander.  There's even a Chrismas themed level if you are interested in that sort of thing.

Wrapping it up today is a real WINNER collection.  Tondog is a good friend of mine and a good member of the RF Generation family.  He's a long-time Playstation fan, but isn't against showing the Dreamcast and Nintendo DS some lovin'.  His true interests also include overlooked and underappreciated games.

I hope you get to play something fun this week.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your own channel 3. 

Posted on Dec 4th 2007 at 01:15:55 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Mickey Mania, Black and White, Game Boy Player, Patrick

Black and White... what are they?  Their contrasting nature tends to give them different associations.  Beneficence and malevolence, Ying and Yang, ebony and ivory, light vs. dark, Good vs. Evil, Spy vs. Spy?!  I suppose they're black and white too.  Some would say Black and White aren't even colors, just the absence or presence of light.  Religions associate light and darkness with virtues and sins, with some even being particular to the color of light.  In video games, if you're seeing in black and white, you're well overdue for a color television.

Kicking off this week's features is a fantastic piece of hardware that comes in only one color.  The Game Boy Player comes only in black, which likely means it won't match your purple lunch pail.  Despite its poorly coordinated chromatic aesthetic, this device (accompanied by a disc) lets you play your backlog of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges on a full-sized television screen.  Spiffy.

The featured image fits the theme dead on, as it comes from a PC game titled Black & White.  Packaging for this game finished the one-two punch of the monochrome cover by packaging it all in two different box designs.  The game itself can be considered a "god simulation" strategy game.  The premise of the game is to build a following of tribesmen on a remote island.  As you gain strength, you can compete against other gods and even claim some of their followers.

Patrick is the proud owner of this week's featured collection.  This chap enjoys collecting for the Mega Drive and Master System, and even owns this week's featured game.

Mickey Mania was originally intended to be a landmark project for Mickey Mouse's 65th birthday, but the original project timeline was canned to accomodate bigger ideas.  The end result proves to be a greater tribute to the Mickey Mouse legacy.  So the story goes... Mickey gets zapped back to the past, but instead of reliving history, he gets to reenact his own cartoons.  The first level is first starring role in the black-and-white animated short, Steamboat Willy.  As Mickey progresses through the game, he travels to subsequently later cartoons in his animated career.  For being targeted at a younger audience, this game proved to be quite difficult.  Now we are all a few years more experienced as gamers, maybe we can rise meet the challenge.

Until next time, stay tuned to channel 3...

Posted on Nov 27th 2007 at 03:52:46 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Timeplitters, Free Radical, Free Willy

Well, there are plenty of games out there, and by golly, many of them happen to be First Person Shooters. So, yeah, why not go shootin'? Here in Ohio it's deer season, after all. Don't want to shoot deer? Why not try the featured game, Timesplitters? I hear that it is made by the team who is made up of mostly GoldenEye team members. I hear that GoldenEye is apparently a good game, does not make Timesplitters de facto awesome? Don't know, but I bet our reviewer Shimra has a good idea. You should read his thoughts.

So yeah, don't own Timesplitters? Why not drool over our featured image. Someone was cool enough to submit a PAL Timesplitters 2 box front image. If you can't get into the Timesplitters carnage, then perhaps you can drool over that box.

Lastly, BadKarma has our featured collection. He owns Timesplitters. He also has images associated with his collection. By association, he has the featured collection. Congrats!

Stay Tuned to RF Generation, great things will happen once the Site Director's autumn quarter ends on December 7.

Posted on Nov 13th 2007 at 02:22:20 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Mega Man, Rockman, Mega Man 2, silentscythe, Capcom, Sega, Mega Drive

For his 15th birthday in 2004, Mega Man (or Rockman, if you prefer) recieved the special treatment and had all 8 of his original games bundled up and re-released with some special extras on the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) each version has unique exclusives, making no version inferior to the others (that includes you, GameCube).  If you're a hardcore Mega-Maniac and that still isn't enough, there's always Mega Man X Collection gathering up all the other titles.

Whatever you call him, the blue bomber always delivers the right technique, and should he defeat you... he will assimilate your specialty move into himself, further expanding his arsenal.  Just look at the lineup of bosses little Rockman conquered in Mega Man 2, he means business.

There are few "Mega" things that can rock as hard as Rockman himself, but Sega knew how.  Affectionately called the Mega Drive in Europe and Japan, this 16-bit system ushered Sega into the golden age of gaming in the early 90s; with an edge that showed even mighty Nintendo that the stakes were raised.

Finally, we acknowledge a collector with fairly even-spread numbers for most of his consoles.  All games in silentscythe's collection are childhood favorites, and likely get some play every once in a while.  A healthy helping of RPGs and adventure games always catches my eye, and are a welcome addition to any collection.

That's all for now.  Check out chat tonight, and tune in to channel 3...

Posted on Nov 6th 2007 at 03:35:36 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Rising Sun, Treasure, NO MISCHIEF MAKERS

All hail our Nipponese Overlords. We know not where we would be if we did not have our PlayStation, Wii, or precious Sega (you know, the good, pre I whore out Sonic sega). We look forward to the day where like in the land of our Overlords, there is a Ramen machine on every street corner. Who needs crack anyways when you have ramen. Today, we celebrate our overlords and their interesting gaming culture.

First off, we have a game to talk about. It's called Radiant Silvergun. It's a shooter. Apparently, it is damn good. I also hear that it was developed by Treasure. I hear that so long as we forget around Wario World, Treasure is a damn good company. Sin and Punishment, Mischief Makers... thank our Overlords for affording us the opportunity to play games by this development house. Next, let's talk about the featured image. Look at it. It has a GUNDAM. Who doesn't like the GUNDAM!? You should be careful of how you answer that, your overlords may come and whisk you into nothingness via this behemoth. Worship our Overlord and their mightly GUNDAMS!

Next, we talk of the past of the company that prints money. You know, Nintendo. There was an add on for their hugely popular and enslaving piece of hardware we affectionately call the SNES stateside, or as they call it in the land of our overlords, the Super Famicom. Check out this add-on. Worship its might.

Lastly, we honor the collector that is truly devoted to our overlords. This one goes out to you, Fuyukaze. Our overlords command for your continued devotion. WORSHIP THEM!

As a friendly reminder, do not forget to thank your overlords for this wonderful day before you fall asleep. You never know when they may be listening.

Posted on Oct 22nd 2007 at 09:45:22 PM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site news, Weekly Features, VS Fighting, Capcom, SNK, Capcom vs SNK, SNK vs Capcom, SVC Chaos, Street Figther Anniversary, Slayer1,

In 1999 Capcom and SNK struck up a deal to license each other their intellectual properties to produce two fighting games each.

Capcom's first entry was Capcom vs. SNK for the Dreamcast.  Drawing mainly from their own Street Fighter, and SNK's King of Fighters series, Capcom made a solid 2D fighter with balanced characters and challenging gameplay.  Hypnotic menus draw you in from the start, and animated backgrounds keep you interested through while you fight.  The "groove" system lets you pick how you get to activate power ups and special combos, and the flexible ratio system lets you add a few more characters to your team if they are all weak.

SNK's first attempt is widely overlooked as its release was only for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.  Unfortunately SNK's poor financial standing led to bakruptcy in 2001, followed by a buyout by Playmore that same year.  The new SNK-Playmore followed up on their obligation with SVC Chaos.  This title definitely puts a SNK twist in style, but still feels a bit forced with some unbalanced characters.  The best part by far is how SNK draws characters from more series than Capcom, leading to higher variety of characters.  Also, the artwork from the game is stunning.  Game sprites and special attacks received a visual makeover, while the backgrounds are truly something to look at.

In 2005 Capcom celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Street Fighter series.  The Street Fighter Anniversary Collection hosts a fair selection of SF games on the Xbox and PS2.  Capcom also licenses a number of character-themed collectible control pads to Nubytech to mark the occasion.  The Xbox recieved Akuma, Bison, and Guile while the PS2 recieved Akuma, Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li in addition to wireless control pads featuring Cammy, Evil Ryu, and Sagat.  The premier item released with these was an arcade stick for both Xbox and PS2 that brought the arcade experience home.  Sometimes the standard controller doesn't quite cut it for these arcade style games.

Slayer1 gets the spotlight this week as the featured collection.  The size might be considered average, but a detailed view will show how it truly shines.  Ratings for most titles, and a large number of micro-reviews in the comment section give just enough personal input on games to determine his taste in gaming.

Continue reading Weekly feature: VS Fighting

Posted on Oct 16th 2007 at 04:08:30 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features

The Game Boy Advance, and more particularly the Game Boy Advance SP, brought me back into the wonderful world of handheld gaming. With great games like Golden Sun and Metroid Zero Mission, the GBA was a leviathan of its time. Today, we celebrate the GBA with this latest round of features. Truly its sales speak volumes about its popularity, and while the DS may be Nintendo's bread and butter now for the longest time the Game Boy line kept Nintendo happily in the black.

So, let's salute the Game Boy Advance. From the featured game of Game and Watch Gallery 4 to the Featured Image of Metroid Zero Mission, we hope that you enjoy the GBA-centric features. Also, we hope that you will check out the featured collection of TH14Arsenal. He may not have the largest collection on the site, but a collection is still a collection, and we look to feature collections ranging from small to large. Thanks for showing off your collection on our site! We appreciate it.

Stay tuned to RF Generation, more is still to follow when you keep it tuned to channel 3.

Posted on Oct 2nd 2007 at 06:48:24 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Racing, OutRun 2019, R Racing Evolution, PS2, GT3, Gran Turismo 3, Reps911, I WANNA GO FAST

This week we're shifting gears and cutting into the fast lane.

OutRun 2019 takes the lead this week as our featured game.  Easily one of the fastest racing games on the Sega Genesis, it still plays like the other games from the outrun series.  Of course, with these fast speeds come big crashes.  If you like any of the F-Zero or Burnout games, you'ld certainly get some fun out of this one.

The featured image this week is a real bargain bin gem, but don't let the cover fool you.  R: Racing Evolution looks to be another Ridge Racer game as it was made by Namco and features a shiny car and young Japanese female on the cover.  At least thats what I thought when I picked it up.  It turns out to be a racing simulation (that isn't Ridge Racer) with more simplified tuning options and a storyline.  This game features a lot of real cars with upgrade options where all can be obtained in a reasonable time period.  Stock cars, F1, offroad circuit, and drag racing are all represented here.  My favorite cars here are the DeLorean (yeah it was really intended to be a luxury sports car) and the Hummer.  The Xbox version of this game has a special Hummer with an Xbox paint job, adding in a touch of humor due to its ridiculous size, unplayable slow acceleration and speed.  This game is fun to play, and the variety of races keep it fresh.  The other drivers taunts are a little corny though, so try and keep the lead so you don't have to hear them as much.

The Gran Turismo 3 PlayStation 2 console bundle closes the gap for hardware.  The Gran Turismo series has always been the leading car simulation with high attention to detail and realism.  GT3 also helped give the early PS2 the big push for which Sony was hoping, contributing to the largest juggernaut in gaming history.   While there are millions and millions of PS2s out there, this bundle proves to have some collector's value as its the only real box variant or bundle for the early model PlayStation 2.

Speeding his way to higher collection numbers is Reps911.  He claims to have rekindled his collection habit after meeting his (approving) significant other.  Over the past couple years he's shown a fast accumulation of games and systems, and shows no signs of slowing down.

So next time you're rounding the  channel circuit, don't forget to stop by channel 3.

Posted on Sep 19th 2007 at 02:23:25 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site News, Features, Weekly Features, Interplay, Amiga CD32, TheBoss, Loom, Out of this World

This weeks features look back at the days of the DOS game. 

No mouse, and only armed with your keyboard, you had more control over your environments.  Text adventures gave little to no instruction to navigate, leaving it up to you to figure out where to go.  With small and expensive hard drives, reliance on floppy disks was important.  Interplay's 10 Year Anthology is a compilation of a number of these types of games, and is a good sample of what to expect of games from this era.  The high difficulty of some of these games can be frustrating at times, but looking back at them allows you to appreciate the advances that have been made in Western RPGs and adventure storytelling.

The Amiga CD32 is the featured hardware for the week.  It is known as the first 32-bit CD-Rom based console released in western countries.  With the ability to add a mouse, keyboard, and floppy drive, the Amiga CD32 feels more similar to a personal computer than console.  Unfortunately, it didn't last long as Commodore filed for bankruptcy nearly a year after release.

The featured collection for the week belongs to TheBoss.   He has several sharp pictures of his PC and Amiga CD collections; which are certainly not the easiest to collect for.

The featured image for the week is from the fantasy adventure game, Loom.  Back in the day Lucasfilm's game studio (later to become LucasArts) actually made some memorable adventure games.  Loom is noteable as the world's first fully voiced adventure game, and a decent copies have been known to fetch a pretty penny in online auctions.

Posted on Aug 28th 2007 at 09:44:46 PM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site News, Features, Weekly Features, Birding, Ikaruga, Duck Hunt, Zapper

Good evening ladies and gents and welcome to the weekly birding feature, last weeks travels overseas brought a lot of a lot of sightings including the Japanese Grosbeak.  This particular finch is quite common in the region and a casual sit near any feeder should score you an easy sighting.  Also called the Ikaruga by the locals, its black and white feathering inspired a team of four video game designers to name one of their games after it.  I believe they're called Treasure and have made some solid hits before, but this one stands out with a new element of gameplay, the ability to change from black to white. 

Well, enough of that games rubbish... now where were we.  Right, now for this portion of this week's show we get an outside opinion on waterfowl, courtesy of fellow sportsman, Earl.  It looks like we're going on a Duck Hunt!

Well good evening there, Earl.  What are we tracking tonight?
Ducks.  Ain't it obvious?  Say, wanna Bud?
No, thank you.  So, would you be kind enough to tell us about your firearm.
dun' mind if I do.  Now this 'ere is the N-E-S-oh-oh-five, or I like to call it the Zapper.  My buddy, TH14Arsenal has got one too.

So, please do tell our viewers what techniques you use to find and make the kill on these particular waterfowl.
Well, its pretty easy.  You see my dog here, Caesar.  He does it all for me.  Now, this Zapper came with a robot, and some "ness" toy all my kids be playin with, but that robot did nothin' but spin tops and stack rings, so I'm stickin' with who I trust the most to git-er-done.
...Right, so you just sit back while the dog seeks the fowl, flushes them, and you just sit back and do... nothing.  It sounds quite simple, really.

Calm down, he only gets ornery with strangers.  Lets shoot some duckies to cheer him up.
Got one!
Got one!
woof woof woof


Wow, nice shot.  You got two of them.
Nah, its easy.  You try.
If you insist.

woof woof woof


Three misses.  That sucks man, your aims worse than all five of my sisters'
Caesar don't like it when you miss the ducks.


You better run, squirrel

Well, glad to have you all again this week. *gasp* And remember always tune in to Channel thr-DAAAAH

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North America

North America
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